Saturday, May 22, 2021


The cruise is drawing ominously close.




Shandy, that is a simple and brilliant idea: to get a little notebook in which to record the birds I see. Anything at all interesting, and I will also record where I saw it. Here, I operate with an A4 notebook, but that’s a bit much. Last time, I think the one bird I added to my very limited repertoire was the common cormorant or shag, beloved because of Christopher Isherwood’s nonsense poem which my husband taught us all to love. Jean(from Cornwall), I will certainly look out for gannets.


Andrea and Madeleine (their daughter) have posted a touching eulogy for Andrew on Youtube. It is a very cruel loss. I think she is going to go on with Fruity Knitting – indeed, it sounds as if she has no other income. (Beth, comment yesterday, you were ahead of me with this news.)


Tricia, thank you for encouragement about Inverewe.  Are there benches for sitting on before one gets to the house and coffee shop? I’ve more or less promised the Majestic Line that I am nimble enough for the tender, by signing up for the cruise. And I am relatively confident. But I can’t keep going for long, once ashore.




I was wrong to say, last time, that I was in the 40’s of the rounds on the foot of my Pairfect sock – it was only the 30’s. Now, however, I am roughly at round 50, aiming for 58. The green colour (ribbing, heel) has surprised me by reappearing. That’s fine, if it holds out until the end. And even if it doesn’t, I have plenty of oddballs in my sock bag. But I remain surprised, to see it so soon when I am knitting for Rachel’s little foot.




I’ve finished Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Dove Mi Trovo”, and don’t know where to turn, especially as I now have three whole weeks before my next Italian lesson. However, there are several interesting possibilities on my Potential list.


  1. While looking at birds at sea, you will see a lot of mainly white ones. Get used to the way they fly - gulls do a lot of swooping and lazy circling (No we are not in Oklahoma) but Gannets look very similar in size and colour, but they are altogether more bustly when they fly, and no self respecting gull would flap its wings that quickly.

  2. Friends who are avid birders take photos at the time of the birds. That allows you to check later against your book, but also to blow up the pic to see detail. I wonder if you will get to see the Bonxsie. We saw them on Shetland in 2000.

  3. I am getting excited for you - the cruise is finally on the horizon! We’ve a spell of ridiculously warm weather after unseasonably cold. The weeds are growing a full foot in a day, I think!

  4. Does "ominously close" mean that I am not the only who tends to dread a trip as it gets closer? What is that about? I brought plenty of reading on the trip I am on right now and have not really gotten very far. I think you are also a Kate Atkinson fan. Have you read all of her?