Friday, May 14, 2021


I’ve been sitting out on the step for the last couple of hours, watching the filming of a few seconds of  “Crime”. (See Wednesday’s blog.) Goodness, I’m glad I’m not a movie star. Someone once said – possibly even Evelyn Waugh – that war consists of long intervals of exquisite tedium interspersed with moments of terror. Filming is rather like that. They’re still at it out there.


But there was some warmth in the sun, and all the neighbours were assembled, and that was kind of fun. Here some of us are:


I have an appointment to have my hair done next week, you may be glad to hear.


2296 steps. I walked alone.


I’ve signed up for Kate Davies’ Bluestocking club – women’s history plus sock patterns. Maybe it’ll get me knitting again. I have done a bit today. I watched the whole first episode of “Pursuit of Love” and have brought the current sock to the toe shaping. I should finish tomorrow. I’m afraid I didn’t like “Pursuit of Love” at all. You’ll have to tell me, later on, whether they get Fabrice de Sauveterre anywhere near right.


Thank you for your cat comments. Sharon, I particularly like your notion that cats can hide in another dimension. Perdita has been doing it all her life.

Now I must work on Italian for tomorrow. I've read my canto of the Inferno but need to go through it again with a translation. For literature I decided to stick with Jhumpa Lahiri -- explaining her to my tutor will be a good exercise in itself. 


  1. I recall seeing photos of film stars of the past knitting on set. They must need a way to pass the time. As you are doing in the photo!

  2. It is not just cats who believe in other dimensions. Our present dog is certain that there is a trapdoor to the other dimension, in the bathroom, so she sits on guard on the landing. Now my OH knows how it was for me, wrangling a houseful of toddlers, who always contrived to have a crisis just outside a closed bathfoom door!

  3. Jenny1:57 AM

    When I clicked on the link to your blog Jean, I got a full page warning in red telling me your site was unsafe. That it was a phishing site and people would try to get my credit card details etc.
    I chose to take a chance and here I am but I thought you should know.

  4. =Tamar8:20 AM

    For what it's worth, I did not get any such warning.
    What fun to get to see filming from the comfort of home, even if it does tie up traffic for a bit.

  5. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Not yours but I have gotten that same warning on another often looked at knitting website. AND been admonished by a travel website that I could not comment because I had been identified as a "danger" to them. It's gotten so that the Internet giveth but also taketh away in an ever more personal way. Chloe

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Not yours, but I got the same warning on another well-visited by me website. Backed out of that device and tried from another and everything was just fine. Back in the early 80s on a visit to Georgetown in D.C. I chanced on the filming of, Ibelieve it turned out to be p, St. Elmo's Fire, I was on foot and finally gave up the tedium of standing, waiting to have something happen. Wish I had brought your chair with me! Chloe

  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Sorry for the double Comment! I that I had lost the first one and decided to abbreviate the second try. Chloe

  8. We happened upon a film crew recently while on one of our regular walks on the floodbank at Tollesbury. They were filming "The Essex Serpent". It was bitterly cold and they were out on the salt-marsh. My husband, who had binoculars, pointed out that some of the fifteen or so crowd of "villagers" were in fact dummies. I suppose that is how they managed the social distancing.

  9. It probably was St. Elmo's Fire, Chloe. I lived just off the C&O canal, where a good portion of it was filmed. Never saw anything interesting amid the commotion. But I did happen upon the filming of Heartburn on the Hill, near the Supreme Court, and drove right past Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson bickering in a car with cameras fore and aft. It was raining and the streets were empty. I later looked for my dusty little Toyota Starlet making its film debut, but alas it had been cut.

  10. I have also signed up for the Bluestocking club, thank you for the idea Jean. I find I don’t read the KDD blog as often as I used to, I miss the days when she used to chat to us. I understand the change and I think she is doing wonderful things with her company, I just miss the more mundane posts. Lovely picture of you and your neighbour on the steps.

    Anna usually in Toronto