Monday, May 17, 2021


Helen didn’t have surgery after all. She was seen at the Royal Infirmary on the day of the disaster, but referred out to Livingstone for surgery this morning. When she got there, a different set of doctors decided against. It would be hard to locate the severed nerve or nerves; a general anaesthetic is not completely risk-free; there is also the danger of introducing infection into the wound. They were worried about the ugly scar, but that doesn’t bother her. So she is home, sounding cheerful, with instructions to remain immobile for two or three days, and not to drive for a fortnight.


The Royal Infirmary feared she would lose sensation in part of her foot, which would affect balance. Now the only problem seems to be a loss of feeling in the shin, and one can live with that.


I can profitably work that all up into Italian for Saturday’s conversation.


I walked alone this morning – 2485 steps; a bit better. Archie is coming tomorrow after all (he had planned to stay home looking after his mother) so I’ll have company.


I went on consulting my own frayed nerves rather than culture or Italian – finished watching the wonderful BBC “Pride and Prejudice” down to the final kiss. I then re-read the end of the book, from Lydia’s marriage onwards: it’s really a very faithful adaptation. Watching it, I thought maybe the magnificent Alison Steadman was playing Mrs Bennett a bit OTT. On re-reading, I don’t think so. The awfulness is fully there in the text.


And I went on knitting my Pairfect sock. The idea, a simple but ingenious one, is that you start ribbing; and when the original colour gives out you switch to st st for a passage of Arne-and-Carlos self-patterning; and when the original colour reappears, you knit a heel; and then knit the desired length of foot. Then you continue to pull yarn out of the centre of the ball. At first, it will be the yarn you didn’t use for the foot; then a length of bright yellow yarn. That will give way in time to the original colour, and at that point you start knitting the second sock.


I’m well-advanced with the first self-patterning section. This threatens to be slightly addictive, and I’m in danger of having knit too much before the cruise even starts. There’s still time to buy a Kate Davies yoke sweater kit. I’ve chosen the one I want – Coofle. I haven’t clicked far enough ahead to find out how much it costs: that might cool my enthusiasm.




  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I'm glad Helen is expected to heal well without surgery. Considering how often I bang my shins, and how painful it is, a slight loss of sensation there might even be a plus.

    & am tickled that you will make lemonade out of lemons by turning the incident into an Italian lesson.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. The Kit For the coofle Sweater by Kate Davis Is About 80.00 dollars. The pattern is 6.00 dollars. I just bought the pattern. A While back I read Wendy Knit's Blog and she had just made it. Beautiful sweater. Hope you have a wonderful time on your Cruise. Take care! Was very happy Helen didn't have to have surgery!

  3. Glad to hear Helen was able to avoid the general anaesthetic risk, and that she seems to have reasonable sensation in the foot, and therefore balance. BBC 1995: still the best P&P,dialogue was very much from the book, unlike the movie with Keira Knightley (although that had its good points).

  4. I am also glad that Helen has avoided surgery and general anesthetic. I feel as though I know her, having watched her video explanation of mosaic and have looked at her website.

    I am so intrigued by your description of the Pairfect socks that I will see about ordering.


  5. =Tamar4:49 AM

    The Pairfect socks sound really neat. I suppose if the intended recipient has really large feet, the yellow yarn is a warning to finish the foot with something else.

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    The conservative solution almost always sounds better to me. Glad Helen is in good spirits. Does she knit? Those two days of immobility sound perfect for it, although maybe also doing mosaic work? Coofle is lovely. Chloe