Friday, May 07, 2021

 The weather hasn’t been quite as bad as forecast, less rain, anyway, but still very cold. I walked around the garden by myself. 1799 steps. Terrible. My iPad is malfunctioning and I can’t get it to re-boot.


Election results are trickling in. We still don’t know if Ms Sturgeon has done as well as she hoped. But she’s done pretty well.


One thing puzzles me a bit – British readers may be able to help. As I remember General Elections from the 50’s-60’s-70’s, Labour needed the west-of-Scotland Labour block to get enough seats to form a government in Westminster. Left to itself, England voted Conservative. It was a bit like the American Democrats and the “solid south”, in the old days. Then the SNP swallowed up the Labour vote in Scotland. I suppose I could fairly easily look up the numbers. What puzzles me is that no one seems to be mentioning this factor, as they clutch their brows and ask what is to become of the Labour party (who decisively lost an important by-election last night).


I’ve done another canto of the Inferno, and informed myself somewhat about Moravia. I can hardly be expected to read “Gli Indifferenti” before tomorrow morning.




I’ve continued happily with “A Dry Spell” (Clare Chambers). I don’t think it’s as good as “Small Pleasures” but it’s good enough to keep me very happy.  I have definitely decided to abandon “I Vicere” so I need another readable Italian novel.


  1. I was looking up Clare Chambers online and found an Italian kindle version of her newest book: Piccoli piaceri. Not sure if books in translation count!

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    It seems to me I read a couple of Moravia novels many decades ago in English, probably in my twenties. I can't even remember which ones. But I do remember I liked at least one of them. Chloe