Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Helen sounds cheerful, and said she had a better night’s sleep last night. She claims to be enjoying the enforced leisure. Alas, she’s not a knitter. Archie is cooking for her, at least some of the time. I cooked lunch for him today – I haven’t done that for a while. Nor was it as easy as it used to be, although it was a very simple meal. We got around the garden. 2361 steps.


I knit happily on with my Pairfect socks. The first one is now eight imches long and I expect the heel colour to come up every time I pull a length of yarn out of the centre -- very exciting. Arne and Carlos have produced a new self-patterning (not Pairfect) collection, which looks very attractive on their Youtube channel. The self-patterning was worked out with technical assistance and great precision for a previous collection or collections. All they have done now is to re-colour it. The new collection is called Lofoten, I think (a Norwegian place name); and doesn’t seem to be available in GB yet.


Linnell (comment yesterday), you have enhanced the temptation of the Kate Davies Coofle sweater kit. I read Wendy Knits’ blog entry on the subject, as you suggested – it answered a question the KD website doesn’t, namely whether it is knit top-down or bottom-up. The answer is the latter, which makes it more suitable for cruise knitting as there would be largely nothing to do except knit. I would be unlikely to reach the yoke in the available time. Tomorrow is really the last feasible day for a decision.


All day I have been promised an Amazon delivery “by 9 p.m.”. Usually when a day starts like that, an actual time slot is assigned later on. Today no, and they have finally confessed that it won’t be coming. Maybe tomorrow. That’s just as well – it means I can go to bed before nine, as is my wont.


  1. Jenny6:39 PM

    I use a company called MustStache. They send you two identical one sock balls which knit up to two identical socks.colours can be chosen from their website.

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  3. Glad that information was a little helpful. I knit a lot of socks, but have never knit Arne and Carlos's Pairfect socks. That's one I'll have to try. Thank-you !