Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Yet another great-granddaughter:

 (I hope I’ve got the right baby.)


And yet another Caesarian – in this case because Lucy seemed to have developed an infection in the days just before giving birth. Both she and the baby (Flora Rachel) are on antibiotics and will stay in hospital for a few days. They have gone private, and will not be ejected as unceremoniously as Becca and Ella were after their Caesarian birth a few days ago.


I set out to walk alone today, but met a friend who was just setting forth with her dog, so I had pleasant company. 2469 steps.


I’ve been knitting happily. Here’s my Pairfect sock:


I don’t think there will be anything more in the way of pattern. The hope is that the foot will be long enough to reach the final green section for the toe, but even Arne and Carlos can’t guarantee that. Jenny, the MustStache system you mention – two balls that begin at the same point in the sequence – would accomplish the same thing, in some ways more efficiently. Choice would be restored as to the amount of ribbing. Here’s the link. They live in Texas.


I’ve resisted the temptation to invest in a Coofle kit. Socks it will be, for cruise knitting. I have 100 grams of one of Kaffe’s colourways in my sock bag – will even that be enough, at the rate I’m going at the moment? Perhaps I’d better throw in something else.


My Amazon package is now promised between 6 and 9 this evening.


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Love the sock, love the baby.

    My dog, Fleurette, approves of the baby's name. Is Flora a family name on the other side?

    & how nice to have some different company for your walk, & to be able to enjoy it without the terror of catching something.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. Ha! Is there a knitter anywhere who, when packing for a trip, does not say "Perhaps I'd better throw in something else"?? And don't we all come home with hardly anything knit at all? I guess it depends on how interesting the trip is. I hope your trip is interesting and you do hardly any knitting.

  3. I'm packing knitting for my trip to San Francisco tomorrow. I have an entire sweater, that I cast on last night, but to make sure, I ordered a pairfect sock kit to be delivered to my daughter's house! It will arrive the day after I do. I can't stand a cross country flight without knitting.

    All four of my grandchildren were delivered by Caesarian. Seems the minute there is any problem the pregnant mom is whisked into surgery. However, all big healthy babies!

    I have a number of women I walk with in Central Park, early mornings. So much nicer to have a friend to talk to and share in the delights of the spring flowering trees.

    And I agree with KatT and hope your cruise is interesting and leaves little time for knitting!
    I am looking forward to hearing more of your cruise.

  4. I'm on a trip and missed the last several days of this blog. What a lot I have missed! Hope Helen will be fully recovered soon. My travel knitting is very boring: a pair of socks and a washcloth, aka a large swatch. Congratulations on the great-granddaughter!

  5. Congratulations! Always have a backup knitting plan for a trip.

  6. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Oh congratulations on another beautiful great-granddaughter!
    So exciting.
    Lisa RR

  7. Congratulations from me too, to all of you. The socks look amazing; might even tempt me (but the heel, the heel....)

  8. =Tamar1:43 PM

    Congratulations to all!
    The socks are very pretty. But the stash is full.
    At least extra sock yarn doesn't take up a great deal of space.

  9. The sock looks good. They are the best thing for travel knitting, but one does tire of them. At least this one does!

  10. Good to hear of all the safe deliveries. As I said before, take something more challenging as well as the sock. A bit of Japanese lace on a cowl would do the trick.

  11. Beautiful baby and mother. Good indeed to hear of all the safe deliveries.
    Dare I predict that Jean will be stronger upon returning from travel? With so much to see and do to draw her on to a few more steps, I hardly see how it can fail to happen.