Tuesday, May 25, 2021


C. took me to Peebles today to buy shoes, and I now have a pair of Eccos which seem very comfortable (I wore them all the rest of the day) and look very nice. She got herself some shoes too. Then we had coffee and shared a scone in a shop with the River Tweed flowing past the window. Then we came back to Edinburgh and called on Helen. She is distinctly lame but seems otherwise well. She found a delicious vegan mushroom and chick pea stew in her refrigerator and we all lunched on that. So it was a good day.


I’ve had trouble, however, with my cellulare. First of all, I couldn’t find it this morning, and it took three calls to it from the land line before I tracked it down. Then, this afternoon, I found it dead as a dodo, and it refused to respond to the kitchen charger. It seems to be doing fine on the bedroom one, so I must remember to take that one on the cruise. So I can’t tell you how far I’ve walked, but I think we covered enough ground in Peebles that it would be a reasonable but not excessive amount.


No knitting, and I’m very tired, so I won’t even promise any for this evening. Here’s a picture, however, of the excess yarn I pulled out of the Pairfect ball after finishing the first sock:




The Cazalets continue to satisfy. WWII looms. My sister recommends The Forsythe Saga. She says she was compelled to read it by a book group, and that it was surprisingly good. I find (another surprise) that I have it in my Kindle library, and that it falls open to the first page of the introduction implying that I haven’t read it.


Jenny: my cleaner will come in three times while I'm away, to change the litter tray and put the rubbish out next Monday. If need be, I think the cats would survive on being fed by her, although in fact the girl next door will come in twice a day.

There was a remarkable story on the BBC website last week about a cat in Cornwall which jumped into a package its mistress was making up, and got sealed in, and was sent to an address in the south of England where it arrived six days later. It was dehydrated, and stayed overnight with a vet, but is otherwise fine. Did no one hear it mewing and scratching? A very odd story. 






  1. A couple of years back, my friend was having work done on her house and at first thought her cat had escaped out the door. They searched the house, of course, and couldn't find her and have everyone scouring the neighborhood. A couple of times, she thought she heard a faint meow in her kitchen, but it was just one and didn't happen again. After a week or so, someone else was with her and also heard it. Eventually, after much investigation, they found the cat under the bottom step in the stairs leading to their 2nd floor. Apparently she had crawled in the floor of one of the bathrooms upstairs, made her way through the joists and went down the area under the stairs and was trapped. She, too, only needed fluids. Vet said they suspect that she was too terrified to make much noise.

  2. =Tamar6:36 PM

    That looks like a goodly amount of yarn. Once the second sock is done, there should be enough to knit a small daffodil, should there be a pattern somewhere.

    Is the kitchen charger on a fused outlet of its own? If so, could it be the fuse and not the charger?

  3. You have done well to get Ecco shoes - I had several pairs back in the days wgen I had to walk the youngest child to school - two and a half miles a day, I had to do there and back twice while she only did once. They were comfortable from the first putting on, and really looked after my feet.
    Tamar, you could be onto something - does the plug for the charger that won't work need a new fuse?

  4. Ecco shoes are really comfortable _ a good choice! I used to cast on over two needles and had a similar problem with the needles going every which way. I now use Ryan, bu also have another easy tip that is would take too long to describe here. I could demonstrate in a few seconds. Maybe I’ll get with it and film it for Instagram...

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I found a pair of Eccos completely by chance at a discount outlet store. I wore them happily every day for years like your other two commenters. Now I can only find them for full price but pay it unhesitatingly. They are so worth it. The nine lives of cats..would a dog have survived the same trip? Of course, they do show up even years later (having walked across the country, etc. ), but in sealed package? At a now defunct yarn store I witnessed the arrival of a gorgeous Fair Isle cardigan from Scotland which caused the owners much curiosity as to how the collar was constructed. It was able to lie completely flat whether flipped over on the wrong side or right side, as if on hinges. When I watched a series of of Lucy Neatby's grafting videos recently it occurred to me that some techniques are so unusual (at least to me!) AND invisible that those owners may never have learned the secret. One of the fascinations of knitting. Chloe

  6. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Oh yes, my cat went under the floorboards in Kent when we were having electrical work done. We saw her go down but she said it was so interesting down there that it took an entire can of tuna to entice her back up again so the workman could put the boards back down......

    I love Peebles, especially that cafe window with the Tweed flowing beneath.The Tontine hotel there also does an excellent gingerbread (or did when I was last there, in 2019).
    Have a wonderful trip, so looking foreward to hearing about it,