Friday, July 23, 2021


Another such day – except that this time Edinburgh’s cloud cover had departed by lunchtime. Archie came. We got around the garden. It was a struggle. And this turns out to be one of the days when the app refuses to acknowledge my struggles – 1797 steps. Poof. I’ll have to walk up and down the hall a few times, although I ought to be reading Dante.  I dispatched a brief essay to Rome this morning about the first half of The Hummingbird. That was something.


I have a friend Sylvia, an Oberlin friend. I’m sure I’ve mentioned her before. She writes a private blog, almost every day, to a list of friends and family.  She’s having trouble with her hot water boiler, but her son, or her plumber, I’ve forgotten which, taught her how to re-light it. The process involves lying on the floor. She is delighted. That means she can have a hot bath whenever she wants, even before a new one is installed. I wouldn’t dream of lying on the floor to do anything, for fear of never getting up again. And a full-scale bathtub bath is a risky proposition for me, I discovered last weekend. Sylvia is a whole year older than I am. So that is a bit depressing.




  1. Perhaps your personal trainer can come back?

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Mary Lou. It sounds like you need some strength training as well as the walking. You used to write like you enjoyed working with the trainer - could that happen again?

  3. Jean, you've been sounding a little down about your energy - sadly apps don't measure effort but far more importantly you do, and I love how you're determinedly working at keeping your steps up. Adding to earlier comments, personal trainers aren't always fun in the moment, but they have their uses and are very good at acknowledging effort.

  4. =Tamar10:30 AM

    Progress is not linear. Sometimes it means making the effort is enough.
    About the tub - I don't know what design yours is. Would a clamp-on handrail help? I got one years ago for non-frailty related reasons and it has been a great help.