Monday, July 19, 2021


I had a grand day out yesterday, having lunch with C., her daughter Christina, Christina’s husband Manaba, and their son wee Hamish. I think his Calcutta Cup vest will fit him well, if I can just energise myself to go on knitting it. It was a delicious pleasure to have lunch with a baby – 14 months – who eats real food with such relish: a chicken casserole, potatoes, asparagus, peas. His grandmother thinks he ought to be getting to grips with the use of a fork. I think he’s doing fine. He has a spoon, which he often abandons for a more direct approach. Pudding was an apple – he just seizes it; no need to cut it up – and some raspberries.


I’ve been very feeble today. Helen came, and we got around the garden. It’ll be Archie tomorrow. I have a single, simple chore which I have been intending to do all day, but didn’t. I think my best bet is to lay out the constituent parts this evening, and polish it off in the morning. Chequebook, bill, envelope, stamp, pen. It really shouldn’t be too difficult. I don’t often pay bills in that old-fashioned way, but this time I need to add a note of heart-felt appreciation. Difficult to do on-line.


What I did do this afternoon was watch “The King’s Speech” on Netflix. It is delicious, if you haven’t seen it. Even if you have. It was fun spotting actors from BBC classics of the past – including the King himself, of course. I missed Jennifer Ehle, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice: that’s to her credit. I spotted Sebastian from Brideshead Revisited and think I saw that awful clergyman who proposed to Elizabeth early on, and then swiftly married her friend.


  1. Yes, just think of that - Lizzie as the wife of the speech therapist and Darcy as the King himself - not a spark or smouldering glance between them - that's acting for you.

  2. =Tamar4:57 AM

    Biting into a whole apple at 14 months - I'm impressed! At 14 months, I think he qualifies as a toddler.

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Loved that movie, too. It's great being around a toddler. The world is brand new and you get to see it through their eyes. Can't wait to see him at two! Chloe