Thursday, July 29, 2021


Hot and sticky again. There’s been no more rain. Archie came. We didn’t go out – there were some jobs I wanted to get done, and I won’t see him again for awhile. The step count is too embarrassing to report.


Diana Wynne Jones sounds tempting, if a bit Welsh. I’ll certainly add her to my list. Thank you. At the moment I am reading an Italian police story by Carofiglio, for love of his name, and working on my essay about Il Colibri.


The only other thing I have done today is to revive my sourdough starter. It is perhaps time I made some more bread. All the books assure me that it is no great tragedy if one’s starter perishes, because it's so easy to start another one, but mine is over a year old now and I would hate to lose it.



  1. What is wrong with the Welsh?

    1. They are the original British - like the Cornish, and not to be confused with the North Europeans and Vikings Various. Can I refer you to Flanders and Swann "The English are best". Being Cornish, I tend to think that song has it backwards . . . but, whatever, the Welsh are truly different.