Thursday, July 15, 2021


Thank you for your kind messages yesterday. I was much encouraged.


Today has been another summer’s day, and I felt flattened. Feel flattened. Archie came, and we got around the garden, but it was a struggle. I’ve tried to keep drinking water. 2091 steps -- better than yesterday, at least.


I did a bit of knitting. I decided to give up the moral struggle for the moment, and press on with the socks. Here they are:


C. (indefatigable) is having a lunch party on Sunday. I’ll be able to wear some cruise clothes! Wee Hamish will be there. Perhaps the sight of him will inspire me back to his Calcutta Cup vest.




Kirsten, well done with your courgette! I had a plate of mange tout peas from my doorstep the other day, and thoroughly enjoyed them. My heart is clearly not as tender as yours. But mange tout peas, as I must often have said before, don’t taste as good as the “snow peas” my father grew in his Victory Garden. I’ve tried and tried. When we first started gardening in Kirkmichael, my father even sent me seed.


I’ve often thought, of late, of what good food we must have had at the tables of both sets of grandparents. My mother’s parents – he was a preacher by profession – had what amounted to a smallholding, outside of Dallas. A huge vegetable garden, chickens, a cow, a black man to kill the chickens and to turn the handle of the ice-cream maker on Sundays. I don’t remember appreciating any of this. My mother was a poor cook, without much interest in food.


  1. Love all the colors in your socks !

  2. Yes indeed re the colours! I find myself browsing sock yarns... Since knitting one teeny baby sock (cast on 20 stitches) I'm feeling bold enough to knit a real pair in one of these wild stripy yarns.

  3. I also love the colors! I am getting broccoli but my haricots vert are not doing much, which is a disappointment. Lots of chard, and plenty of green orators. With his hot weather I’m expecting a good result there.

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Green orators? What could those be (or was that an autocorrect contribution?)
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  4. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Always appreciate your posts!
    I am looking forward to some cherry tomatoes ripening in the coming weeks (if the squirrels don't munch on them ... ).
    Maybe Archie can head to an East Asian supermarket and look for some snow pea plants or seed packets.
    Three cheers for a lunch party! That will be fun. Especially with Hamish present.

    keep well
    Lisa RR in Toronto

  5. We've been away - see my blog for pics Sorry to hear that you are finding the warm weather a trial. Stick with the water and take a nap when you need to.

  6. =Tamar6:49 PM

    Fun socks! Stick with the water, but don't forget to keep your electrolytes balanced with salt. (and magnesium, potassium, etc, which can get flushed out) Lunch with Hamish should give you a hint of how fast he's growing, too.