Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Bless you, Shandy, for identifying Jennifer Ehle’s role in “The King’s Speech”. Knowing who she was, enhances it in retrospect. There is a crucial scene towards the end – I don’t think I’m spoiling anything here – when the speech therapist, who had thought his wife was out for the afternoon, is forced to bring his royal patient out into the family room. He introduces his wife – “This is…” and a brief pause. The issue of what name the therapist is to use with his patient has been bubbling around throughout the film. “…His Majesty King George VI”. His wife curtseys – and you’re right, Shandy, there is not the slightest suggestion that there had ever been anything between her and the King – and invites them to stay to supper. But the Queen says that they had something on that evening and must be getting back. Helena Bonham Carter’s take on the woman we remember as QE The Queen Mother was, I thought, slightly unexpected but both delightful and plausible.


Little else to report. Another warm day. Archie came but I refused to walk. We discharged quite a few small, useful chores instead.


I’ve just been watching the interview with Mr Cummings, without learning much. And without knitting anything.


  1. I can't knit either in the heat. Fortunately I have some patchwork on the go which can be arranged to provide shade for my knees, without keeping them warm which is what it will do when it is all done and turned into a "throw".

  2. I expect Helen brooks no refusal! I have spent the past hour looking for a recently purchased ball of yarn. I bought two, and can only find one. Gremlins.

  3. =Tamar4:40 AM

    I find that I am more sensitive to heat than I used to be. I just can't think or do much then. A/C is a great invention.