Sunday, July 25, 2021


Tamar, please never think of not advising me. I rely on you. Nor would I ever class one of your interventions as “nagging”. Volcanic ash from Iceland is an interesting question. I had a strange episode this morning, itching eye, profuse sneezing, like hay fever. Then it stopped.


Today went better. Edinburgh was bathed in sunshine, whereas the weather has collapsed in other parts of the kingdom, London for one. C. came, and we got around the garden in good order – a great relief after yesterday’s failure. The app credits me with only 1525 steps – that seems unlikely. I even made myself a Mindful Chef lunch, shuffling around the kitchen and chopping things up, as opposed to frying a sausage.  I even got some knitting done, on that sock, not that that would affect the step count, while watching Fruity Knitting. Madeline is standing in for her father, but that can’t go on forever.




Weavinfool, thanks for yours about short circulars for sock-knitting. I now can’t find my own remark which introduced the subject and therefore don’t know the name of the particular product we’re talking about. I have discovered (how?) that the gimmick is that one needle-tip, the one for the right hand – if you’re right-handed – is substantially shorter than the other. I have always found circulars actually painful for sock-knitting. That idea sounds as if it might help. Would it? Your comment suggests not.


Kirsten, thank you for the suggestion of chair-exercise YouTubes. That’s an excellent idea. I’ll report back.



  1. My 84 year old husband and I (a mere 79) have been doing a chair exercise program for a few months now. It is easy but really a workout! It even involves some small hand weights. There are quite a few bits with balance exercises. It is conditioning and strength training. It is called Grow Young Fitness. The young trainer in the videos is maybe a bit too enthusiastic, but we find it quite good, even the relaxation part at the end. My husband had a very bad result from a hip replacement so he really needs to exercise. This program is progressive and has been a big help. You might consider trying it or something similar. Good Luck. I am in awe of all your accomplishments and love every one of your posts!

  2. =Tamar2:04 PM

    Some years ago I tried using 4" long dpns for mitten thumbs and it was tiring, almost painful. I would rather use 8" or even 10" needles, because I normally steady them with ring finger and little finger, and there's nowhere to put them on the short needles. I might like using two circulars better. I tried Magic Loop and it seemed a bit fussy.
    The step counting app seems inconsistent. Does it matter how long the steps are?