Monday, July 05, 2021


I was going to leave the blog unwritten this evening, but they’ve turned the tennis off in favour of rain, and that means they’ll probably close the roofs (rooves?) which takes a while. There's still much interesting tennis to come. But by the time they get started again, it’ll be my bedtime.


Mary Lou, I love the thought of your wee brother playing Wimbledon-ball-boy at family back-yard badminton games. Thank you for that!


Not much, today. I read my blog entries for January ’21 and I agree with you, Shandy, that there is evidence there that I was better without cider. But I think I am, in general, in fairly steep decline – just as there are intervals in adolescence when one gains size and strength at great speed. The only thing I can do with cider is to give it up altogether. And what if that doesn’t work, and there I am dead and I’ve missed out on all that cider?


I have advanced somewhat, but not much, with the ribbing on the second Kaffe Fassett sock. The plan is, you may remember, to knit the ribbing and then put the sock aside and go back to wee Hamish’s Calcutta Cup vest. I like a deep ribbing on a sock, but I don’t like knitting it, so the idea is to get it done and then put the sock aside at a point where I can pretty well guarantee that I will eventually finish it.


  1. You get that much joy from cider? More than being able to do things and go places? Obviously, it is totally your choice. It just hurts to see you give up

  2. I have truly lost my sock mojo. I am redoing some older patterns and updating a baby sweater that I have knit for the second time. Still more interesting than socks for the moment!