Friday, April 08, 2022


A pleasant, sunny day, but a good deal chillier than of late. Health-wise, I was back to my substandard norm, and Archie and I successfully carried out our expedition – to reach the new Broughton Market on Broughton St. It was formed by the amalgamation of my butcher of many years’ standing with the requirements of a first-rate corner shop – our former corner shop, much missed, having succumbed to the pandemic. It was a struggle, but we got there, and got back.


Better yet: after shopping, we went to the chemist’s (-drug store) next door for some ibuprofen, in the hopes that it might benefit my hip (too soon to say) and found that they were administering Covid booster jabs. I had already had one booster, which required Helen to drive me out nearly to the airport. It had been announced in the past few days that the elderly and the immune-suppressed were now to have another, so I jumped at the chance. One less chore for poor Helen.


Archie has now gone home again. James and Cathy will be here for lunch tomorrow.


Wordle: Today we divided on gender lines: the men got it in three, Ketki and I needed five. Mark’s starter-word gave him four greens. I don’t quite see why he didn’t get it in two.


And I got back to the knitting. It’s tough going, and there’s a long way to go. But I did a bit, and may do a bit more this evening. I’m about half-way through the cup. The one comfort is that when I finish that, I’ll be 17 rows further forward with the legwarmer. I must try to forge ahead in the next few days, despite the presence of company.

Thank you for the further contributions to the one-basic-meal theme. I'd better collect them all together, including James Marriott's starter recipe in the Times, before they get swept away by the tide. Kirsten's Sausage Supper and rheather's more scientific approach (comments, Wednesday) both deserve collection.




  1. I got W in 6, but almost got it in 4, then 5, finally the last try. Knitting got put aside. Now the TV is acting up just when I want to watch the Master's golf at Augusta.

  2. Got in 4 today, but barely squeaky yesterday! I am rating my shoulder for a few days nd reading rather than knitting. I am halfway through The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles and enjoying it. I also just finished A Double Life by Flynn Barr, based on the Lord Lucan case. I knew nothing of it previously, and found it really engag.

  3. I didn't get the word even with having 3 letters from the third try on! I laughed when I saw what it was!

  4. Also my 'recipe' is more a mix of being on the edge of poor and watching cooking shows than any science. It shows up in all kinds of cooking!

  5. Re not thinking about what to eat: When we go out to eat I generally choose the fish finger sandwich, if that is on offer. I don't eat this at home but fingers of battered hake in a ciabatta roll is a reliable choice for me and could easily be replicated at home.