Wednesday, April 13, 2022


We’ve had a pleasant spring day, mild and occasionally sunny. All of us are feeling a bit flat – James so much so that he tested himself for Covid, but came up negative. He ran 10 kilometres this morning, as often, and got me around the garden, so there couldn’t be much wrong. He and Cathy have gone out with their son Alistair to a Chinese-type hotpot restaurant. I shall soon have some leftover pasta puttanesca and go to bed.


I had another brief message from Ravenna  – Helen remains confident that she’ll be home by the weekend.


I’ve done very little knitting, but I did achieve three rounds for the sake of the momentum. Here we are:


Alexander and Ketki are coming over tomorrow morning to see James and Cathy. I haven’t seen Ketki since pre-pandemic. But they have declined lunch, so I suspect we will nip out for sandwiches. The train is at four.


Wordle: I continue to enjoy membership of our little group, although I turn up as the class dunce embarrassingly often, including today. Rachel in London hasn’t figured out how to join the group, despite being invited, but she often tells me her score – a brilliant three, today – and I pass on to her the results from Birmingham (Mark) and Loch Fyne. James, who doesn’t do Wordle but is fiercely competitive, says there is a website to help. There would be. Presumably you type in your greens and browns and it tells you some English words to fit. I’m sorry I know that, and will certainly never go looking for it.




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  2. The legwarmers are lovely!

  3. I agree about the legwarmers; beautiful.

    I cannot imagine cheating on Wordle.
    My husband and I do cheat on crossword puzzles if the clues for both down and across are TV shows or actors or recent music since those are things we will never know without help. I don't thing that's really cheating.

  4. The legwarmers are lovely, and so nearly finished! It is nice not to have to make lunch and just visit!

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    The legwarmers are very beautiful. Just love the colours.
    I finally located some of the flexible Addis. Very interesting! I will try knitting with them over the weekend. I think it's impressive to offer the two point options.
    Do enjoy the Easter weekend!
    Lisa RR in Toronto
    p.s. the crocuses are blooming here. Maybe daffodils and forsythia can bloom next week if Toronto avoids this week's huge prairie winter storm.

  6. =Tamar4:30 PM

    Ooh, a picture! The legwarmers are pretty. (I am very fond of blue and yellow.)

    10 kilometers! I have never had that much stamina even when in college.

    It has turned warm and sunny here in MD. The downstairs is comfortable but I anticipate needing the A/C upstairs soon.