Monday, April 11, 2022


Kirsten (comment last Wednesday): we had your Sausage Supper for lunch today. It was delicious – one to remember. Many thanks.


James and Cathy have gone off to Falkirk to see their son Alistair and his girlfriend Amy and his cat Kirby (I think that’s the cat's name; I’ve never met him), who all live there. It’s a grey, unlovely day, but a bit warmer than before. James and I got around the garden this morning.


And the knitting has progressed steadily. There is only one more round to do in the first legwarmer chart (for the second legwarmer). There are three charts. I’m not halfway through the legwarmer. BUT the first chart (A: Calf) is the longest. It’s a start. Photo tomorrow. 


I’ll be glad when Helen is safely home. I’m sure she’ll get here in the end, but the newspapers are full of stories about crowded airports and general chaos. Flights are being cancelled for lack of crew (suffering from Covid); check-ins and border controls are slow for the same reason. And she is meant to be travelling back this weekend, which could hardly be worse. Well, it could be – the chaos will be worse for those trying to get away from GB, because there will be more of them. I think David will join her in Ravenna, perhaps he already has, and that they are meant to be coming back at the last moment, and that I will spend Easter with them if all goes well. Perhaps I had better provide myself with a provisional Easter dinner just in case, and invite Archie.


  1. =Tamar5:52 PM

    Does the garden circuit count as travel? ;-)
    Hooray for progress on the legwarmer. I suppose the rest will take just as long, being wider. I hope it's stretchy enough.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the sausage supper!

  3. I've been enjoying Helen's instagram posts from Ravenna. The mosaic techniques seem much more stress inducing than knitting.