Wednesday, April 06, 2022


I didn’t get out today, what with comings and goings. Not good. Archie is here, and we have planned an expedition for tomorrow. He’ll stay until Friday – maybe early Sat.


Wordle: You’re right to mention how quick it is, rheather (comment yesterday). Some people – Queer Joe is one – go on to some of the harder spin-offs, but for me the basic Wordle is perfect, and takes just the right amount of time, once a day. I’m happy to welcome another convert. Mark and Alexander and I needed four today; Ketki, three. Thomas was back on form with two.


I knit bravely on, but decided half way through the operation that yesterday’s fear had materialised and I was knitting the numbers backwards. So most of today’s knitting time was devoted to frogging, picking up stitches, aligning and counting and counting again. I think the answer is – and if I’m right, it should have been obvious to the meanest intelligence from the beginning – to turn the chart upside down and then knit it, of course, from the bottom. I’ve started again. We’ll see, tomorrow. I’m not happy about how I’ve spaced the motifs but you can’t have everything. There’s not room for more than two cups, each with a repetition of the date. The empty stitches should be grouped around the calf "seam", and the two motifs should balance each other on either side of the leg. I don’t think that has been achieved.




We may have started a useful thread, here. KayT, I will work on thinking of a substitute for aubergine in the all-purpose recipe I copied out yesterday. Vegetarian sausage could be omitted or replaced with real. Lisa, shakshuka is a very good idea. I breakfast on a egg and wouldn’t want to add another regular one to my routine, but chickpeas would be nice. I’ve never looked at Falastin but know of it. Maybe I’d better have a look. I like food from that part of the world.


(My breakfast is one I learned from my sister: cram a small-to-medium saucepan full of baby spinach leaves; wilt them; crack in an egg and poach it with the lid on the pan. Quick, nourishing, tasty.)



  1. Oh dear I'm going to sound like the pickiest eater ever and really I'm not; we just keep hitting on things I don't um want. I don't eat bell peppers. And I don't eat poached eggs. Or soft-boiled eggs, or over-easy eggs. I like eggs if they are either cooked pretty hard (scrambled hard etc) or raw but blended (eggnog). I like the baby spinach idea if I could hard-boil the egg and chop it up? My husband will eat poached and loves spinach so I'll offer him that one. The shakshuka with chickpeas sounds good. Can you tell I'm tired of thinking of things to eat?

  2. We used to live on variations of Sausage Supper; a mix of veg selected from onions celery carrots swede peppers courgettes aubergine, fried and tipped into a baking dish, a can of chopped tomatoes plus half a can of liquid (wine stock water), maybe some drained pulses. Then sausages cut into quarters (how to make 6 sausages serve 4) or chicken thighs or meatballs, season, and bake it all at 180C fan oven for around 45 mins. Freezes well.

  3. Anonymous1:11 AM

    I will keep thinking about other easy ideas with protein and vegetables.
    More soon!
    Lisa RR

  4. My go-to meal is more of a fill in the blank plan. Saute aromatics-onion, garlic,celery- then add in carbs- potato, sweet potato, carrots- and saute them a little too. Then add broth or water to cook. When things are almost done add pre-cooked meats and any veggies and seasonings that don't need lots of cooking. I like to have leftovers for days so I start with a big pot!
    I do a quick egg and tomato cook using diced tomatoes and 'poaching' eggs in it.(I'm with kayT and don't like runny eggs so they get stirred to cook solidly.)

  5. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Others have anticipated me, but I'll join the chorus: one could use zucchini (courgettes) rather than eggplant (aubergine) in such adaptable recipes.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

    1. Anonymous4:09 PM

      PS: translation for Americans of KirstenM's "swede" = rutabaga. Turnips could work, too.
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

    2. Looked up 180C fan which apparently equates to 400 F in a standard oven. I think Sausage Supper looks like a good one. I'd probably vote for wine as the liquid myself! (and of course no aubergine) Thanks!