Tuesday, April 05, 2022


It’s been a rather dreary day, with some rain. It’s also my bath day. I didn’t walk. I’ve felt a bit droopy.


Wordle Old-friend-Mark and I got it in four; Ketki and her clever son Thomas in five; Alexander needed all six. It is a sort of New York Timesy word, not as bad as EPOXY or TROPE, but not one that crops up often in conversation, either. I must emphasize to the unconverted that Wordle is a gentle, friendly game, largely due to the fact that there is only one word a day, so we can all talk about it. And tomorrow is another day, on which Thomas, at least, will go back to beating me.


Knitting has advanced, although I haven’t much to show for it. First of all, I couldn’t find any squared paper. Daniela found some. I have plotted the Cup and ’21 and started knitting them, with much counting and caution. I’m knitting from the top down. There is some leg-shaping, so the finished object isn’t reversible. I can trust myself to knit from the top of the chart, so the design won’t be upside down. But can I be sure that I am knitting in the right direction, so that it won’t be the mirror image of the result I want? The cup itself is vertically symmetrical, but “’21” isn’t.


I am rather taken with the idea of the masculine version of Kate Davies’ Glenan pattern for Fergus’ Calcutta Cup ’22 sweater. Sometimes I wish KD weren’t so devoted to funny Scottish words for her pattern-names. I’ve got time to think about it.




One of my favourite columnists had a column in the Times yesterday about streamlining daily life by discarding annoyances. One of the annoyances he discards is thinking what to eat. He repeatedly uses this recipe: aubergine (=eggplant), onion, red pepper and vegetarian sausage chopped up together in a pan and fried with smoked paprika, garlic puree and tomato puree. Stir in Greek yoghurt at the end to make it satisfyingly viscous.


I think I might try that, minus the vegetarian sausage.


Archie is coming tomorrow for two nights. I’ll have to eat properly while he’s here.




  1. I have discovered i-cord bind off for next of metamorphosis jumper! Thank you, Kate Davies for the idea and EZ for instructions! Now, about those arms.... Hmm
    Wordle took me to the wire yesterday. A bit better today.

  2. I'd love a way to avoid thinking of what to eat but sadly to me aubergine is inedible and "fake" meat is undesirable. If any other such recipes come your way send them along and maybe I'll find one I can enjoy.

  3. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I recommend shakshuka as a very easy standby - tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, garlic, with eggs scrambled or cooked in the sauce. Or I leave out the eggs and add a can of chickpeas instead. The Ottolenghi recipe is OK but the Tamimi one from the recent cookbook Falastin is really super to my taste. Sometimes there are green versions, with leafy greens and without tomatoes. Add the classic "crusty bread and green salad" as desired.

    I am a big fan of making a lentil soup or minestrone - then eating it a couple of day, and putting some in the freezer.
    Lisa RR in Toronto

  4. I've become a wordle convert because of everyone here! It's much quicker than I thought and fun!

  5. =Tamar5:01 PM

    Good for Daniela. Once you get the numbers started, it should be easy enough to keep track of what part is to be done next.
    For simple food I'm fond of lentils, or a very simple casserole of whatever-there-is combined with green beans.