Saturday, April 02, 2022


Cold but bright. Archie and I got around the garden.


And, as hoped, I have finished the patterned part of the first legwarmer, switched with cries of joy to dps, and embarked on the ankle ribbing.


The main event today was a phone-call scam, purportedly from BT who supply my internet, about my IP address. The caller said it was “public” and should be “private” and that bad men therefore had access to it. I was puzzled, and kept talking longer than I should have while they sensed they had a sucker on the line and were very cross when I would go no further. They kept ringing back which BT would never do. I’ve looked it up since – it’s an established scam. It’s still an unsettling experience.

Mary Lou: Rachel says that her daughter Hellie has been looking out baby clothes for the little girl expected next month, and found this oldish photograph of her eldest (I think -- I tend to get those little girls in London mixed up) wearing her Polliwog. Rachel said that Hellie remarked again on the fit of that easy-to-pull-on neck. The expected baby will get the Aroon jacket, also easy to put on:




Good old Wordle. All four of the grown-ups in my little group (me, Alexander, Ketki, and old-friend-Mark) got it in three today, and all four of us would be hard-pressed to tell you what the word means. Thomas Miles needed four. He probably knows.


 Archie stayed for lunch. We had some very tasty tuna which he had bought on his walk down Broughton Street.


  1. Wordle - it's an obscure word today - I had to google for a definition. You learn something every day! I got it on the final try. Knitting - I was doing some random circular knitting and discovered it was twisted from row 1. I now have a necklace. Idle thoughts.

  2. It took me six to get Wordle today. And the word was not unfamiliar, but I was hard put to define it. I looked it up. Fun game, even with challenging words.
    What and adorable baby in the Polliwog. You have the cutest grand and great grand children.

  3. Thanks for the photo, Jean. Such a sweet face!I had a vague notion of what the word meant, but was annoyed that my previous choice of consonant was rejected.

  4. That lovely shop The Eco Larder in Howe Street is closing up today. 30% off everything should you need anything for your drystore cupboard. Their Morrison Street shop closed its doors last week. Such a shame for the young couple who owned and ran them.

  5. =Tamar1:30 PM

    Congratulations on getting so far along with the legwarmer.

    Phone scams are so annoying. Thank goodness for caller ID; I usually lift the receiver solely to clonk it back down immediately, so as not to have to listen to even an empty voicemail message. I missed one yesterday and it turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, of all things.

    Cold for spring, but warm for winter, and very windy here yesterday, as my calendar notes tell me is typical for early April here. It's quieter today so far.

  6. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I have a BT phone with an integral call-blocker. it will not ring unless the caller speaks to it and says who they are. then it rings and plays the recording of their voice and you press 1 to accept this call or 2 always to accept calls from that number. There is also a convenient button to press to block the number. You might like to look at getting a similar phone. I haven't had any of those automated scam calls since I got it.
    Helen (anon)