Saturday, April 09, 2005

Camilla's Wedding Day

I have always thought it a slightly odd coincidence that both of Prince Charles's choices had pagan names (not a saint's name).


I had a titanic struggle yesterday to get that little picture of my children up. The program I use, called "Hello", wasn't doing things they way it usually does. I think that the fault was at the receiving end. I had another go on Typepad, and feel even cooler. I'm very inclined to think I'll stay here and try to figure some more things out.


I did finish the Fair Isle aspect of the Fair Isle jacket. I then did the wrist decreases wrong -- got rid of too few stitches. And since I started ribbing as I decreased, there's no painless way to do the additional decreases on the next round. Rip it out and try again, this time paying a bit more attention, is the action now required. There are still two evenings to go before London. That should be enough.


On Thursday we crossed Edinburgh to call on my husband's sister. She is a depressive character, and has been depressed lately, so it was a depressing visit. (How rich English seems to be in suffixes.) She needs a cataract operation too, and hasn't done anything about it, and it seemed to me that she has nothing to worry about -- her garden (which means a lot to her, as mine to me) is right outside her door; she has a daughter on the spot -- they live separately, but under the same roof -- who could drive her about when necessary during the recuperation period; and no one will complain at whatever arrangement she makes, whereas my husband's dislike of my optician is, I have come to believe, the major complicating feature of my own situation. But gloom and anxiety of course expand to fill the space available, and she is just as miserable as I am on the subject if not more so.


If Blogger is functioning properly today, I'll out up a picture of my granddaughter Rachel, taken last summer in her "Harmony" jacket. It's a Candace Eisner Strick pattern with which I thought I was assured a gold in the "Child's Cardigan" class at the Games, but I was unplaced. I got some seconds and thirds for various vegetables, which was some consolation.

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