Thursday, April 07, 2005

The state of the current travel socks, destined for Thomas the Elder. Flash photography has done rather well for once. I intend to press hard when we are in London next week, and see if I can get them finished. The contrast toe is because I had only two skeins of lovely Lang Jawoll -- spelling not guaranteed -- which isn't quite enough for a pair of gents' socks the way I make 'em.

I struggled on with Typepad yesterday without making much progress. Perhaps I'll stay here after all. I like the way Blogger gives one complete access (apparently) to the HTML code for one's template. I'd like to choose a stronger color for the things in the sidebar to the right, and then to put in some links to the few patterns of my own which live on my website. I tried Googling once for "knitted First Holy Communion veil" and was surprised that my one didn't come up in the first page or so. Nor did any other, come to that. I got a lot of religious stuff, with the word "knitted" used metaphorically. Perhaps I should try again. I doubt very much whether there are many other patterns out there and it seems a shame that anyone searching for one, shouldn't find mine.

The veil can be seen at    I'm really rather pleased with it.

I had my hair cut yesterday in the hopes of looking tidy in London next week. I used to have it long, in a bun, as in the photo to the right, until I broke my right arm two and a half years ago. Alexander and Ketki were in NY at the time: I wrote to tell them that I had had my hair cut of course, and Alexander wrote back to ask what having one's hair cut had to do with breaking one's arm. Then Ketki explained.

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  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Jean, I'm trying to find the notes about that wonderful first communion veil. My daughter will have her first communion next year, but I'm getting ready to get ready, if you follow. I'd love to see more of the one you knit, and any notes you posted. For example, what are the dimensions?