Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yesterday I reached the point where I had to re-introduce the unsuccessful colours from the beginning of the jacket into the second sleeve, to make it look like a design feature. The picture above may explain what I mean. I should have taken it yesterday when we had a splendid day with lots of natural light. The weather has reverted to disgusting, and the picture is therefore the flash-bleached usual. There are five more knitting days before we go to London. I should finish the sleeve easily.

I continue to explore Typepad. I've got 30 days free (now 28) before I have to decide whether to go on. I discovered yesterday that the Basic service I've signed up for doesn't let me change fonts or background colour. One thing I really do like about Blogger is its legibility, so that's a downer.


We spent a significant amount of time in the country last week trying to master our new laptop computer. My husband uses an old DOS-based system here, perfectly successfully, but for various reasons wants to move into the present millenium. His old program is Word Perfect 4.1. Miraculously, the modern version, Word Perfect 12, will not only read his old files but will save them back into the old format if required.

Acquiring mouse-skills is proving difficult for him, both as a physical skill and as a mental set. Since we came back, I've looked around a bit and discovered that really quite a lot can be done from the keyboard. We'll try it that way, next time. But how is one supposed to know about such things, now that computer manuals are no more? Looking things up in the Help index is all very well if you know what to look up.


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