Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fair Isle Jacket

I nearly finished picking up stitches for the front bands last night -- I have one of the most extensive collections of circular needles in the Second New Town, so I thought it would be a good idea to pick up both sides at once in order to be fanatic about evenness. So far so good, I think. I hope to begin knitting this evening.

I re-read Meg and Starmore on cardigan-finishing yesterday, AFTER doing my neck-band, and learn that I should have decreased some stitches at the back neck on the first pass. I hope the day will at last arrive when I take a moment to find this sort of thing out, before making the mistake.

I am full of ambitious plans for the future, after the Clapotis interlude. Until I actually commit myself to one project, I can knit them all in my head (and buy yarn...)


I did a good day's work yesterday on footnote-copying, and squirted a further eight files into the Palm in the evening. I've done four easy ones already this morning, before hitting a major obstacle, still not as big as yesterday's big one. Onward!

On Monday if all goes according to plan, we'll go to the country for a week of potato-planting and revelling in spring sunshine. This is absolutely the most delicious moment, before the grass has to be cut on a weekly schedule.


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