Sunday, April 24, 2005

A dearth of suitable knitting-pics at the moment, and alas we have no cat. So we'll have a couple of days of pictures my brother-in-law took in London recently. Here are Ketki and Jamie and my sister.

I fussed a lot about picking up the front-band stitches on the Fair Isle jacket yesterday. Photographs of the prototype -- the only other Fair Isle jacket I've ever knitted -- make it look as if the pattern doesn't quite match across the front. That's impossible, since, like this one, it was knit in a tube, but it could mean that the front band stitches were picked up unevenly. The buttonholes, of course, will be located in relation to the completed button band, not to the jacket patterning. 

Well, that may be an illusion created by photography, but I wasn't (for once) taking any chances. I was satisfied with the result in the end, and have knit most of the ribbing for the non-button band. I'll re-post a picture of the first jacket, along with its successor, when I finally FINISH.

I have been thinking of the future, too, and writing to Mary Hughes-Thompson about getting some more Koigu to make "Jamie's sweater" for his brother Thomas-the-Younger, and to Candace Strick about her Merging Colors, destined I hope to metamorphose into a sweater for me. and, respectively.

And footnote-copying progresses. I'll be able to go on with that, at a somewhat reduced pace, when we are in the country next week, as we now have an up-to-date laptop there. I have decided, though, that the simplest way to be sure of keeping it virus-free is not to attach it to the Internet, so no blog again for a while, after tomorrow.


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