Friday, April 08, 2005

I should finish the actual Fair-Isle-ery of the jacket today -- there are only a few rounds left to do at the end of the right sleeve. That leaves the ribbed cuff to do, then what may be weeks of securing ends and tidying steeks, then, finally, the front bands and the neck ribbing. But finishing the Fair Isle is definately a landmark.

If there is a photograph above, it is the one I am using for "wallpaper" this year, taken at the Games last August, showing Rachel, Alexander, James and Helen, in order, with Mungo Drake, Helen's son, in the foreground. I'm not quite sure where it is to be found on my computer, however. If I switch to Typepad I can have photo albums, and one thing to do would certainly be to have orderly pictures of all the people who keep being mentioned here. No more progress to report on the Typepad front. The near approach of a week in London induces a near-panic state in which computer time is spent accomplishing useful things, like balancing bank statements.

My sister and her husband should arrive there today, from Mozambique.


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