Thursday, April 21, 2005

The neck stitches on the Fair Isle Jacket have been successfully picked up, I think, slight unevennesses decreased away leaving behind slight anxiety. I should be ready to show you a picture tomorrow -- and should be finished with the whole thing in the forseeable future. Next will be the Clapotis. Then it would probably be a good idea to get to work on my friend Janis Witkins' hat design from a recent Knitter's, as it is going to be my Games entry this year and I hate deadline-pressure. ("Games" = the Home Industries Tent at the Strathardle Highland Gathering on the 4th Saturday in August)

But then what? It's time for lace, I think. I had a look at Sharon Miller's website yesterday. ( is the address, I think.) She's added a delicious range of very fine PLYED merino yarns. My collection of lace yarns overfloweth, and of course each ball or skein takes weeks to get through -- but I'm sorely tempted.

Then there's Candace Eisner Strick's Merging Colors to look forward to...

The picture shows my progress last week with Thomas-the-Elder's socks (which I had hoped to finish). I was half-way through the ribbing when we left last Monday. The trouble is, the long train journeys aren't as productive of knitting-time as one might think. The carriages were stuffy, and I dozed when I should have been knitting. Still, progress of a sort.


I got the first 25 of my husband's files into the Palm yesterday -- and discovered that they had left their footnotes behind. Endnotes, strictly. They survived the transition from the DOS-based program he uses, Word Perfect 4.2, into today's World Perfect 12. They survived the subsequent translation into MS Word 2003, although they mysteriously became footnotes in the process. But they're not there on the Palm. When you tap an endnote number you get a prissy message to the effect that this feature is not supported by Documents to Go.

There seems to be a way of moving whole folders to the Palm without going through Documents to Go. I might try that. The only alternative I can think of is to copy the notes, one by one, into the body of the text. I made a start on that yesterday, and if I keep at it long enough I'll get it done. But crikey.

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