Monday, April 25, 2005

There seems to have been a rather jolly party at Rachel's house the day before we arrived in London for our recent visit. Ketki with James-the-Younger is center left, Al;exander with Thomas-the-Younger on the right, my sister second from the left, various other sisters and cousins and aunts hither and yon. I don't see Rachel in this picture. Her husband Ed is behind Ketki, to her left.

Our country sojourn has been postponed for a day, as my husband hit a glitch in his work here last night and wants to get it straightened out before we leave. The weather forecast for the week is not good. Our soil is very light, however, and I should be able at least to plant some potatoes in the intervals of showers although seeds may have to wait. We'll see.

Fine by me, as it gives me a chance to stock up at the supermarket today and also to finish, actually finish, the knitting of the Fair Isle jacket. I'm currently doing the second front band, the one with the button holes. I'm using the variation of the one-row buttonhole which Meg gives in Sweaters From Camp. It's so neat and tight that the result (over three stitches) is smaller than I expected but I am forging on. There's still more steek-tidying and end-securing to be done, of course.

Footnote-copying also proceeds. I've done more than 60 files by now, something over 10% of the whole job. At least that's enough to register on the scale. Sure enough the Palm can swallow them all with quantities of memory left.


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