Sunday, April 10, 2005

I think I'll skip an illustration again today, although all went smoothly yesterday. When I was having trouble the day before, there were no error messages, nor did the program seem to try and then fail. It just wouldn't do it.

I didn't get much further with the ribbed cuff yesterday, although I did rip the first attempt out and got the decreases right. I discovered a few rounds on, that I've used the wrong grey for the first stripe. Wrong, at least, in that it doesn't match the other sleeve. I'm leaving it, for the moment, as yet another Design Feature. It won't take long to frog and change if I decide afterwards that it looks too silly.

I tidied up the coloured yarns and put them back with the rest of the stash. My Shetland Jumper-Weight collection looks entirely undiminished. I didn't buy a single inch of yarn for this project -- it's all done with stuff left over from the second millenium, and the finished weight of the garment is appreciable. But I've still got just as much yarn as I started with, it would seem, and it's sort of depressing. I don't think I actually finished a skein of a single one of the pattern colours. I did better with the background ones, of which there were fewer.

Royal Wedding

I watched some of it. I still remember having to miss the actual exchange-of-vows at the Prince's first wedding because I had to drive to Birmingham Airport to fetch my husband home from some trip. The streets were utterly deserted, I remember, except for a couple of chaps walking their dogs.

This time everything was very nice, but I was surprised at how strong a note emerged of sadness and doubt, although all the reporters were smiling away in their nice clothes and genuinely wished the couple well, I believe. I wondered how it looked with American commentary. Even more doubt, I imagine. I thought Camilla's clothes were marvellous. When I grow up I'll go to her dressmaker.




  1. Hi Jean,
    I just came across your blog on oa Wonderful Wallaby search. Your work is lovely. I enjoyed scrolling through. happy Knitting!

  2. We were away and saw only snatches of the wedding (as much as I cared to, honestly).

    I thought that Camilla's outfits were just beautifully understated and elegant. As a soon to be mother of the bridegroom, I was wishing to look equally elegant (though this wedding will be in the heat of a Virginia August in a field, so I rather doubt that I'll be able to pull it off. . .

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Hi Jean

    I can't tell you what the American commentary was on Charles's and Camilla's wedding. I deliberately didn't watch it. (Considering that when Charles and Diane were married, I was up at 4 am to watch. Maybe this can tell you a bit about the American perspective on the wedding.) I was reading the comments section of the BBC website a few weeks ago, and it seemed to me that Americans were being much harder on Camilla than the British were. I don't think she is popular here at all.

    And, when I read in the paper this morning that they had promised to be faithful, I had a moment of wondering if they would be able to pull it off this time around.

    Your knitting is wonderful. I need to do more than I am right now.