Sunday, October 09, 2005

Franklin's "The New Yoga" tee-shirt: I've got to have one!

I'm doing row 14 of the Princess Shawl  edging -- there'll be enough for a farewell progress picture before we leave for London tomorrow. Row 14 is presenting slight difficulties.

Today dawns set to be an usually stressful day-before-we-go-to-London, in areas even knitting can't reach.

I am immensely cheered, however, by your comment, Obscure, agreeing with my aesthetic judgment on furry scarves. I had been running down the list of grown women I give Christmas presents to, visualizing them one by one in such a thing, and recoiling with horror from the mental image. But you mention little girls. That hadn't occurred to me. There are two, in Beijing, where it gets very cold in the winter. They are rather girl-y little girls. I think I may have got a couple of Christmas presents (except for the actual knitting, of course).

Back to Cookery

It is interesting, Judith, that you mention Caerphilly as a substitute for mozzarella in the recipe we have been discussing this week (appended to Wednesday's post, I think). Forty-eight years ago, when I was an undergraduate in Glasgow, and mozzarella was unheard-of in this country, that was the cheese I used as a substitute when making an ersatz pizza, and it worked quite well. Therefore, well worth a try here. Maybe I'll do it in Rachel's kitchen in London, where I don't have to worry about what's-for-supper.

And other non-knit

I have become a Su-Doku addict, like most of the rest of the United Kingdom. It's a logic puzzle, done on an 81-square nine-by-nine grid, invented by the Japanese. All the newspapers except the Financial Times now print one daily. Googling will produce more information if by chance it is desired.

Rachel says that her son Joe is equally enthusiastic, and I look forward to conferring with him on the subject this week. I have recently upped my game, and can now usually (not always) do the ones rated Tough, and have a fair stab at the Diabolicals. The secret is a sharp pencil and a good eraser -- at the beginning, I thought I was above such humble aids. We will have to get in an extra newspaper. It would be tough on a chap to suffer a day at school and come home to find that Granny had solved the Su-Doku.



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  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Or just draw out a grid and copy it from the newspaper. This saves untold misery in my in-law's house. My partner has even done one on the computer (I helped him with the thicker lines and everything) so he can print them out though I think that is probably a phenomenal waste of printer ink.