Friday, October 21, 2005

We hope to go to Strathardle today. The Blog will resume on Tuesday if all goes according to plan.

No Mytab virus messages this morning, although the persecution was worse than ever all day yesterday. It's not the Sabbath yet, either, so there goes that theory.

That picture gives a not-too-bad impression of the Wallaby with its new knit-and-purl pattern in the yoke. Sort of, very vaguely, like brocade. It will have to appear in bands, as I need to interrupt it fairly soon for a k2, k2tog decrease row which couldn't possibly be incorporated into the pattern. There will then be two further bands, each narrower than the last, and two further decrease rows. The pattern offers a stopping-point every three rows so it shouldn't be difficult. The plan is to put in a couple of plain rounds, do the actual decreases on a purl round, and then a couple more plain ones before the next band of pattern.

Thank you, Franklin and June, for your comments and sympathy yesterday about the youthful Alexander in his motto-less sweater. There used to be a tasty and cheap restaurant in Oxford called the Munchy Munchy, perhaps on Park End Street, not all that far from the station. Was it an early example of the now-ubiquitous Thai? Is it there still? It had, anyway, a fierce proprietess who actually made Alexander blush once by telling him NOT to sit down until she had assigned him a place. We often lunched there, with both sons, when James was at New College. The dragon-lady won my heart once by saying that she remembered we had been there before -- she remembered the sweaters.



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