Sunday, October 30, 2005

So here we are in darkness. My mother said once that she was glad to have been born sufficiently late in the history of things, to fly. Me, I'm glad to have been born sufficiently early, to have crossed the sea by ship, back in the days when that was the normal way to do it. Travelling west, one had a succession of 25 hour days. It's a wonderful way to live.

Today's pictures have nothing to do with knitting. They were taken at Thomas-the-Elder's 21st birthday bash, at a Thai restaurant in London earlier this month. At the table, you see Alexander, then Ed Ogden, our son-in-law, Thomas's father. On his left are his daughters Lizzie and Hellie, and then some Cambridge hearties unknown to me. Thomas himself, of course, is at the head of the table. Opposite Alexander is his wife Ketki -- that's a good picture of her.

The other one shows Ed, again, on the right, and Thomas with his beautiful girlfriend Monica (both suffering somewhat from red-eye). Her jacket was all glittery with sequins and looked sensational. The other people are Cambridge hearties, again.


I've started the neck ribbing on the Wallaby. The end is in sight.

Here's a question: inside the front cover, the Fall Knitter's advertises their new Scarf book. There is a picture of a woman wearing a crinkle-dy scarf of many colours. The book review section says on page 36 "Rick Mondragon's multi-colored, ruffley 'Carmen' scarf looks fun to knit..." It seems safe to assume that that's it. Since the book is a "Best of Knitter's..." collection, I thought the pattern must have appeared in the magazine, but I've been back through the issues published in the current millenium, and I can't find it. Does anybody know?

I'm curious about how the ruffles are done, as I saw a similar sort of thing in Marks and Spencer this week, except that it was lacey.

I've started getting occasional junk comments on this Blog, which makes me feel very grown-up. I had one about dentists in San Diego this morning -- or is that code for something more sinister?

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