Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thank you for the sympathy, Lorna. My husband has never been one to speak carelessly or thoughtlessly; he must have known what he was doing. (This relates to yesterday's entry.)

So here is a picture, dredged from the archives, of a youthful, hirsute Alexander wearing the sweater in question -- sans lettering, of course -- in the front quad at Balliol, 25 years ago. Nowadays he is clean-shaven, and has a good deal less hair on top, as well.


I got this in an email fromThessaloniki yesterday: "When I put on my diagonal stripy cardigan [] the other day, Mungo commented that it was like his and Fergus said grandmother is making me one...."

I hope he's not going to be disappointed that there are no stripes.

I think the knit-and-purl pattern looks well; it's hard to tell at the beginning. It's from Woolgathering 69. I may attempt to photograph it tomorrow.




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