Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You're right, Emma -- the sock yarn (above) came from Web of Wool (at the Knitting and Stitching Show). I enjoyed the Get Knitting stand, although I too missed the Koigu. There couldn't have been much of it. And I hope you have a lovely time with your Wensleydale. Thank you for the GirlfromAuntie link -- nice patterns. Although I'm never going to attempt to set a zipper into knitting again, thank you.

I finished the second sleeve of the Wallaby last night, and should therefore join it to the body this evening. And finally decide whether or not to incorporate a simple knit-and-purl pattern in the yoke.

I didn't put the Princess away, in the end. Surely I will finish the Wallaby pretty briskly, and could allow myself another half a dozen rows before I start the First Holy Communion veil. The event isn't until late April.

Queer Joe and the Curmudgeon and Franklin have all posted their accounts of Rhinebeck -- Joe includes pictures of my friend Selma. I'm pretty jealous.


Thomas-the-Elder's belated 21st birthday dinner was great fun. We all went out to a delicious Thai restaurant and drank champagne and ate well. My brother-in-law was the official photographer. I should have something to show soon. The only knitting present, I think, except perhaps for some concealed socks, was a shawl my sister was wearing. Rachel said that she'd like an informal, colourful shawl. (She's got Amedro's Cobweb Evening Wrap, in black.) That's a fun think to think about. I love knitting them, but they look silly on me and I didn't think anyone else wanted one. I suggested the idea to my sister-in-law once, and she rejected it with a shudder.


Persecution by Mytob continues. We'll be in Strathardle this weekend, insh'Allah, so I won't be able to observe whether it lets up for the Sabbath again.

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