Monday, October 03, 2005

I've finished the Surprise, except for finishing it. Franklin's friend Sahara says to work at a table, to use lots of pins, to master mattress stitch. Will mattress stitch work when chalk is being joined to cheese -- a cast-on or cast-off edge to a side edge? I'll try, anyway.

I think you can see from the second picture above (if it's there) the slight flaw in the double-breasted version of the Surprise -- when the fronts are pulled across each other, the side folds (you can't call them seams) are pulled slightly forward, and don't sppear immediately under the arms. But as I've already said, with a small, plump and shapeless person inside, you don't notice.

I've got to go up to the Building Society tomorrow morning -- I'll nip over to John Lewis for buttons and some baby-type wrapping paper.

Once all that is done, I'll allow myself a few more rows of Princess (four, perhaps) before picking up Fergus's one-armed Wallaby again.

Two wonderful comments again yesterday. I envy you your multiple skills, Kateri. If I had another couple of lifetimes at my disposal, I would certainly learn to spin; and patchwork-quilt making is another craft I'd like to attempt. I've sort of been through dressmaking and out the other side. I think my last attempt was making a bridesmaid's dress for granddaughter Hellie for James and Cathy's wedding. It came out all right, but enough is enough.


I heard last night about misfortunes which have befallen someone I thoroughly dislike -- with reason, I think. I am saddened and disconcerted. I expect the wicked to flourish like the green bay tree while I hug my grievances and feel sorry for myself. I am forced, by this news, to reflect on how very fortunate we are, in our children, our houses, our health. My husband and I, between us, have already had twelve active and productive years beyond our statuatory threescore and ten.

I am sorry, too, about the people whp died on Lake George. I am never likely to go to Bali; I would, indeed, resist an invitation. But I have ridden in a cruise-type boat on beautiful Lake George, when I was there at Camp Stitches in 1999 and again in 2000. It felt utterly safe.


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