Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Thanks to everybody for all the sympathy about teeth and mice. The trouble with the tooth is that it's perfectly comfortable, and there's enough of it left that the wind doesn't whistle through, so I keep forgetting and smiling. My face, I don't mind it/ for I am behind it;/ it's the folks out in front get the jar.

I learned from the Economist yesterday that GWBush is going to visit China on my husband's birthday. I jumped to the conclusion that they couldn't spare their China correspondent that week, although his appearance in Edinburgh is planned as the biggest and best of the birthday surprises. But he assures me this morning: "I'm hoping I can get back in time to write about it, even though I won't have set eyes on him."

It's wonderful how Bush has succeeded in uniting the nation at last, by nominating Mrs Meirs.


A hospital appointment yesterday -- routine diabetic maintenance -- advanced the current travel-socks an inch or so. And I should reach the first decrease-line in the Wallaby yoke this evening.

I'm afraid I can't recommend a Koigu-supplier, Lorna. My stash was almost entirely acquired from my friend Mary Hughes-Thompson, But Mary has recently sold the business, and when I tried the site this morning I got the dread "page-cannot-be-displayed" page.

I spent a few moments in John Lewis' yarn department yesterday. It was pretty boring. Even the Debbie Bliss "Maya" seemed to be gone.

This is a pretty boring blog entry, too.


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