Friday, October 28, 2005

The Wallaby is looking good, and its measurements correspond rather well to Fergus's own. I'm a bit worried now that the patterned yoke looks girly, but it's too late to go back. It should be ready for Helen to take back to Thessaloniki with her when she comes for her father's 80th birthday celebrations.

The mother of the baby for whom the recent Surprise is destined, went into hospital with high blood pressure yesterday. Since she was scheduled to have a Caesarian next Tuesday anyway, there may be news today. I'd better wrap up the little package.

I heard from my friend Selma the other day. She and I and four other very dear people have formed a Band of Brothers. We write group letters to each other, mostly but not entirely about knitting, rather like this blog. We haven't met for -- could it be? -- four years now, so the letters are rarer than they used to be. They afford a useful platform for the relief of frustration -- no need to fear the laws of libel, or worry about who might read the message, two considerations which I always bear in mind here.

Anyway, Selma says she is knitting lots of socks with Schaefer's "Anne" sock yarn. I had never heard of it, and so looked it up. Wow! She is also knitting the Eris pullover by Jenna, the Girl from Auntie. I looked that up too, it's gorgeous, and moreover it seemed familiar. I think I must have approached it from a different direction recently. The pattern is available as a zippered jacket, as well as a pullover. Selma must feel as I do about setting zippers into knitting.

Odds and Ends

Persecution by the Mytob virus has, for the moment, stopped. It leaves me feeling rather bereft.

Alexander is puzzled, too, as to how ATT guessed my password. See yesterday.

There's enough of my tooth left to be crowned, the dentist says. That (will be expensive and) needs a long appointment, and there wasn't one available until next Friday. So I'll have to go on frightening the horses with my smile for a while. I got around the current travel-sock a few more times, in the waiting room.


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