Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mostly non-knit

Today I get my new tooth -- or, at least: today I have a dentist's appointment. We have the best dentist in the world, I have no doubt. I used to think he was also the most expensive, but a couple of years ago my husband had a dental crisis in Boston, MA, and we learned the truth.

We got our Flu Injections for the Elderly yesterday. The session was well organised and moved pretty briskly, so the socks advanced only by a round or two.

Don't fail to read Franklin's latest blog entry.

I bought another saucepan yesterday -- and they haven't even put the clocks back yet.

Computer mystery

Janis W. in CT: I wrote to you yesterday, about mice and things, and the message bounced. Apparently ATT has blacklisted (I am I think my sister and I had this problem once, and I think she was using ATT at the time.

However, that's not the point. Embedded twice in the gobbeldygook that comes back with a bounced email, was the word I use as a password in not-particularly-important contexts, Abebooks and Sainsbury's-to-You and the Jamie Oliver club. It's not the word I use to sign in to Demon, still less is it my bank password; I'm not much bothered about security. But how did ATT get it? I forwarded the problem to Alexander, who makes his living on-line.

A Bit of Knitting

I'm doing the first decrease round on the Wallaby yoke at the moment. With a bit of luck, it'll be picture-worthy by tomorrow.


Don't judge Koigu by the pinks-and-purples at But of course if you order from the US, you risk the dread intervention of the VAT-and-Customs man.

Rachel, thank you for the Ebay tip. I'll get on to it right away.

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