Monday, October 10, 2005

Off to London

We're going away today. We should be back on Saturday; Blogging will re-commence on Sunday, with a full account of the delights of the metropolis -- including the vital question of whether Rachel was able to find that First Holy Communion veil. I'm pretty sure they still lived in Balham when Lizzie made her First Holy Communion -- that means there's been a move-of-house since, to Clapham, which must considerably reduce the chances of its turning up.

Above, the current state of the Princess Shawl edging, somewhere in row 16. I'll finish row 16 when we get back, and then that's it, at least until the Wallaby is done, probably until I've knit the replacement veil. I love the way the work piled up on the table looks weightless, so I've included a picture of that, too. The shot glass holds stitch markers. I drink cider from a larger vessel.

I ordered my "New Yoga" tee-shirt from Franklin yesterday: 


I've often copied out Su-Doku grids, when I realise I've gone wrong somewhere and need to start fresh. You're right, JoVE, it's the way to proceed in London, leaving the newspaper fresh for grandson Joe. And pride goes before a fall: I cantered through the Independent on Sunday one yesterday, rated "challenging", but couldn't get much past first base with the Sunday Times.

Lisa, thank you for your very kind message. Rhinebeck with Mar and Joe and Franklin! What a thought! I've been to Camp Stitches twice, and to East itself -- now, Rhinebeck is the summit of my dreams. At least if one were a Muslim, Mecca would stay in the same place.

And speaking of religion, we had the annual Red Mass yesterday, to pray for wisdom for the legal profession at the start of the legal year. Scotland's lawyers were well represented, in full fig, and we now have a resident Cardinal, who looked pretty splendid too. The Holy Spirit must have been impressed. For the rest of us, it is an annual occasion to be reminded of the source of the term "bigwig". The higher you rise in the legal profession, the more horsehair you wear on your head.



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