Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Curioser and curioser.

I discovered yesterday that I have not one but two copies of  Knit.wear here on the desktop computer. I don’t see how that happened. I thought I conducted the whole transaction from the iPad.

But here it is, in PDFformat as you say, DaniK, and it remains for me but to do what you suggest: move it into iTunes and sync with the iPad. Neither operation will be straightforward. I have never moved anything into iTunes in my life, and am astonished to see that there is such a destination, here on the desktop. And I don’t know what I’ve done with the iPad-to-USB cable. I must have one somewhere, because I sync’d  a few times at the beginning, which wasn’t very long ago. I’ve been tidying up around here lately, and the room is fairly navigable at the moment, but tidyness affected only paper. The accumulation of wire still resembles nothing so much as a WWII field telephone station.


About an inch and a half short of the divide-for-neck point. I might even get there today.

As soon as I had formulated yesterday’s Big Thot, I saw the way forward, and it is as several of you suggest: set challenges, but let’s not be pernickety about it. The main thing is not to toss something interesting aside because it looks too difficult, or I think I don’t understand. Try it and you may, I say.

Having got that far, I made a little pile. It pretty well made itself:

n      Debbie New’s amazing “Unexpected Knitting” and the Knitter’s Magazine “Socks Socks Socks” book with her swirl socks on the cover. I think maybe I even tried to start them once. I find I’ve printed out and kept something from the Knit List – that takes you back – with pointers from someone who had succeeded in knitting them. If she can do it, I can.

n      Hoxbro’s “Shadow Knitting”

n      Marchant’s “Knitting Brioche”

n      “Knit One Knit All” for the mitred cardigan

n      And two Woolgatherings:  No. 80 with three interesting hats, travelling stitch, brioche, and Cully’s lattice hat; and No 82 with Cully’s brick sweater.

Brioche ought to be accessible. I love it, and I love its cousin-german, fisherman’s rib. I’ve knit EZ’s brioche watchcap from “Knitting Without Tears” a couple of times. She calls the stitch “fruity” – the perfect word. She thinks it doesn’t work in the round, but we have moved on since that book was written.

I think I am put off by Marchant’s vocabulary – she has created new terms: BRK for “brioche knit” and “BRP” for “brioche purl” which then appear in various more or less alarming combinations.: BRKBRPBRK. BRSSP.  Start with Meg’s hat, perhaps – that will get me going on two-colour brioche in the round; go on to Marchant’s hat in the current VK.

Amazon says they have shipped "Knit, Swirl". Will it arrive today?


  1. The ipad to USB cable is part of the charger. Just unplug it from the plug and put it into the computer instead.

  2. Sarah JS7:30 PM

    A comment on the Knit, Swirl vis a vis "Round Trip" from Knitter's that you mentioned several blog posts back ... the construction appears to be completely different. Round Trip appears to have the sleeves-in-the-round grow into the sides of the body of the sweater. In the Swirls, in-the-round portion is all of the lower body, up the sweater fronts, and round the back of the neck. The sleeves and upper bodice are then inserted into that -- hmm, donut shape.

    I've swatched for my swirl. Once I've got my wits about me, I need to settle in sometime uninterrupted (hard to do with two teens in the house) and cast on 500 or so stitches.