Monday, October 10, 2011

I write my blog entries in Word and archive them for posterity, each one named for the day on which it was written, and then copy and paste them here. By skipping yesterday I have missed the day in 2011 when the numbers were consecutive. Yesterday was 9-10-11, British style. But today, at least, shares with the first of this month the pleasant attribute of forming a binary number: 101011.

We had a nice time with Helen, who then spent the rest of Sunday in Edinburgh airport (I learn this morning), waiting for Athenian air traffic control to pull itself together.

Not much knitting.

I thought I had succeeded after something of a struggle in buying the Interweave knit.wear magazine for my iPad. It came in as one long web page – not, that is, in the Zinio app where Piecework lives, nor the iBook one where Knitting Traditions and Knit & Spin are. But this morning it is gone – “Access denied request has expired”. And I have deleted the messages from Interweave related to it. Clearly I did something wrong. Live and learn.

It was not without interest, while it lasted.

I read the other day – this time in a food magazine – that Mark Zuckerberg, he of Facebook fame and enormous wealth, has taken to setting himself a challenge each year. It 2009, it was to wear a tie every day. In 2010, to learn Chinese. This year, to eat only meat he has killed himself.

I have been trying to think of a knitting challenge for myself. Not easy – and with so relatively few years left to me, I don’t want to be too restrictive. Knit only Zimmermann (including Meg and Cully)? That’s a possibility. Explore the areas I regard as closed through difficulty or distaste – afghans; bobbles including nupps; fancy brioche – I like that hat in the current VK and feel sure it is beyond me; shadow knitting. I am sure double knitting will go straight into that category when I get the new book. There may be the ghost of an idea here.

But one doesn’t want to make life too consistently unpleasant for oneself.


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I think a knitting challenge to "master something" is better than one to "knit only." With so many wonderful new designers working today, it seems wasteful to limit yourself to EZ or anyone else, no matter how amazing they are.

    And, what happened to Green Granite Blocks? I'm longing to see it move forward in 2012.

    Beverly in NJ

  2. Theresa I2:10 PM

    Setting challenges can be very satisfying but i need to give myself permission to realign my goals. I recently decided to learn to swim at the age of 61 and to learn Tai Chi. The swimming is coming along nicely but I fear Master Ting and I will be spending several years together.

  3. Life is far too short to be spent on either unsatisfying books or knitting projects.

  4. Gerri2:33 PM

    I like the challenge idea but I don't think it has be continued if unsatisfying.

  5. I like the challenge to learn something new - but I wouldn't take it as far as challenging myself to do something I find extremely unpleasant for a whole year! but though I don't know the hat from vk that you talk about - I don't think you'd find shadow or double knitting so unpleasant that you'd hate it:)) go for it - and if you really can't stand it, just drop that particular challenge and try another one. after all there's no nobel prize for succeeding, is there?

  6. DaniK5:28 PM

    I don't know what happened with your knit.wear magazine, but mine is working fine on my ipad. I accessed interweave on my computer, downloaded it as a PDF, put it in itunes, and then onto the ipad. I had started out trying to put it directly on the ipad, but didn't feel it was working correctly and stopped. The magazine is sitting happily in ibooks. Hope this might help next time.

  7. =Tamar5:51 PM

    Coming next month: 11/11/11, which works in both British and American form.