Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Yesterday was spent waiting in for a delivery that didn’t come. The vigil resumes today. Greek Helen is about to make a lightening visit to the UK.  The package is from Marks & Spencer and contains school uniform for her boys. She must have it NOW. Waiting in for a delivery hardly counts as stress in a world as stressful as this one, but it’s no fun. And my husband gets no exercise, since he won’t go out alone, and that’s not good for him.

Wednesday is my osteoporosis-pill day, and as usual I spent most of the half-hour (no food, no coffee, musn’t lie down) knitting. I’m nearly half-way between the cast-on and the beginning of the deep collar-hole. I love the slight non-uniformity of the colour.

However, just at the moment I’m a bit cross. I came to a tiny knot and decided to leave it and when I got back to it on the next circuit, it had come undone. There was nothing for it but to rip out the round. That’s where I am at the moment. It is going to be easy to pick the stitches back up, and also easy to see which one begins the round. But it’s a bore.

At least it came undone right away and not a month hence, when the hole might have been blamed on an entirely innocent moth.

I’ve been looking at “Effortless” cardigans on Ravelry. Lots of people have done them.  The tone is very enthusiastic and the results look good on the wearers. Lots of people have done it in madelinetosh dk, too. I was interested to see how well, to my eye, the more variegated shades look. It is knit on larger needles than I am using at the moment, and – not surprisingly – at a looser gauge. Some people have used madelinetosh “Vintage” which is tagged as a worsted yarn and which is available in London, from Loop.

But I don’t think I want anything heavier than the yarn I’m using and I am very happy dropping in on Jimmy Bean’s madelinetosh dk page every so often and dreaming of the future.


Thank you for your continued help. I looked up “white balance” on the internet and I think I see what I need to do. I haven’t tried “light box” yet. I have discovered that the “night” setting on my camera starts with a wide aperture and then sets the shutter speed automatically. I don’t have a “food photo” setting, alas, Woolly Bits. The very idea makes me want to rush out and spend several hundred pounds, if need be, on a new camera.


“Knitting Around the World” and “Knit, Swirl” are both currently promised for mid-October, which is virtually upon us, and “Extreme Double-Knitting” from the oddly-spelled Alistair will be with us soon, too. It’s available for download now. An exciting month. 

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