Tuesday, October 25, 2011

St Crispin's Day

You guys are amazing.

I forwarded the translation of the Chinese care instructions to our niece last night, Beverly, very grateful. I doubt if she’ll venture on machine washing. She was surprised and touched by the gift of the shawl. I’m  glad I did it. I told her she could stuff it in the back of a drawer for now if she liked, but would have to get it out for my funeral. I want as many people as possible to turn out that day in something I knitted for them.

(My sister’s son Theo thinks this idea is hilarious, and looks forward to the occasion with unseemly glee. I find it less and less funny as the day approaches, but am still sorry I won’t be there.)

We had a grand time on our walk, in sensational autumn weather. We went to Bonaly and walked around the reservoirs for a couple of glorious hours. At one point we passed two slightly-built middle-aged men whom we greeted, as walkers do. And then after we had passed them, did a mental double-take: not two men, but the same man twice. They were identical twins.

No pics, alas.

And meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am within a few rows of the end of the body of the Brownstone. The present skein will finish the job – or if it doesn’t, and the next one doesn’t match, the line will be hidden under the fold-over of the shawl collar. So it looks as if the original purchase of seven skeins from Amsterdam is going to suffice.

I thought I had caught Jared out in a miscalculation last night – not enough decrease rows  to achieve his final stitch count. But looking again in the cold light of dawn, I see that he’s absolutely right – “Repeat the last 4 rows 3 more times.” I had overlooked  “more”.


Thanks for the additional help on astronomy. I think I am beginning to get it, and may have a go with a torch and an orange myself. Tamar, I don’t suppose you remember that artist’s name? I’d awfully like to have a look at the paths the sun etched onto his pieces of wood.

Thanks for the pointer to the Interweave Brioche workshop, Ann. Interweave seems to have something new every week.. I don’t think this one will go on a iPad, at least, I don’t see the word mentioned. I’ll sort of hover around and keep watching – it would be an ideal use for the iPad.

Lisa, the camera is telling me to change the batteries, although I did it yesterday and haven't taken a picture since. The calligraphy will have to wait another day..


  1. I am so glad your niece liked the shawl you made for her. I was quite sure she would. When you said she was surprised my first thought was "she doesn't read your blog!"

    I am tempted to get the Brioche guide from Interweave. I will only do so if it works on the iPad.

  2. Sarah JS4:49 PM

    Tried leaving a comment yesterday, but something glitched. About the astronomy ... I spent an enjoyable 20 minutes at the on-line "Khan Academy" lesson on "How earth's tilt causes seasons." (Also available on YouTube.) The bit about the equinoxes is 15 minutes in, but I enjoyed it all.

    A friend of mine has the brioche guide and is happily working her way thru all sorts of variations.

  3. A (much younger)friend of mine spent most of her life living in a hospital where she had knitted hundreds of items for other people. Her particular specialty was socks. especially for the surgeons and other hospital staff who spend long hours in theatre. When she died there was a big multi-denominational service in the cathedral - and people were asked to wear the socks she had knitted and leave their shoes at the door. It was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful person.