Friday, October 07, 2011

Welcome, new follower!

I’ve got the package! It came at 3:45, after nearly another whole day of waiting-in, but I’ve got it! I’m free! I can go across the square to get the papers whenever I feel like it – doesn’t have to be done at 7:15 before the Yodel working day begins. I can go to the supermarket! Helen is safely in London, full of joy at the news. We'll see her tomorrow.

It’s a great big heavy thing. I’m glad I’m not responsible for carrying it to Greece.

Anna Livia, I shall make sure that both Helen and her husband read your comment in full.

Knitlass, we’ve got a pragmatic postie, too, who often signs for things for us. I’m not scared of the Post Office. If I do get one of those dread cards, I can go to their website and arrange for re-delivery or whatever – sometimes sending it to a relatively-near sub-post-office for collection works best, as with the madelinetosh scarlet yarn recently – in the reasonable confidence that whatever is arranged electronically, will be done. Not so with Yodel.

But life has a way of going on. Today’s job is to find out what has happened to our parcel – the picture we bought in Salisbury last week. I arranged with a recommended shipping company to pick it up, pack it, and dispatch it to us. We agreed a price and I paid it. I have heard no more. Where is the picture? When can we expect it?


I reached the point yesterday – it happens in every full-sized project without countable pattern repeats – when I knit and knit and knit without making any progress at all. The Red Queen was standing behind my chair – “It takes all the running you can do, to stay in the same place”.

The sweater may not have advanced, but yarn got used. I have wound and attached the fourth of the seven skeins in the original purchase. So I’ve used somewhat less than half, so far. I am feeling rather hopeful. I have knit slightly over a third of the eventual length of the body. And, of course, I’ve done the sleeves. Even bearing in mind that once the sleeves are attached to the body, I’ll use a lot more yarn per vertical inch, I am inclined to think I’ll have enough to finish the body.

The skeins from Jimmy Bean – which look fine, to the naked eye – can then be employed on the shawl collar. Still nothing has arrived from Happy Knits. There’s another package to chase. If those skeins ever turn up, I’ll have to knit Thomas a matching hat and scarf. Or perhaps a sleeveless pullover for Thomas-the-Younger?


  1. Glad to hear your parcel made it! Mine is now at the marchmont depot, so I'll be skipping along there tomorrow morning. It doesnt contain yarn though, sadly. The yarn diet continues....

  2. That's one hefty parcel! If I'd known Yodel was a reincarnation of HDN I could have told you similar tales of woe to Anna Livia. Give me my pragmatic postie any day (even if he does knock loud enough to wake the dead, thus setting all the whippets abarking, simply because he has left a to-be-signed-for parcel, unsigned for, propped against the front step!)

  3. Best wishes on the picture delivery. I also wanted to let you know that the Yarnery (where I teach) now has Tosh DK, so if I can assist in yarn acquisition, I'll be glad to do so.