Sunday, October 02, 2011

Scotland lost. We might as well get that out of the way. We were leading by six points at half-time. Alexander doesn’t have television on Loch Fyne, but I knew I could count on him to be in the pub with his family. I texted him – not one of my usual means of communication, but I felt the occasion called for it, and the telephone was still charged up after its usefulness in London the weekend before – “Oh dear this is rather stressful.” He replied: “Don’t worry. We’ve been here before. We’ll lose comfortably in the second half.”

(James and Cathy gave me the telephone for Christmas some years ago. He constantly reiterates that I should keep it charged at all times, for emergencies. He’s right, of course: I’ll do it today.)

(Knitlass and Jenny and anyone else interested: wouldn’t it be boring – and bad for the character – to be an England fan? Think how sweet are those rare victories! Especially, for me, 2000 – we hadn’t beaten them for a decade, and we weren’t supposed to have a chance that time. I knit the Calcutta Cup into the Christening shawl of the granddaughter born that year, and have knit commemorative sweaters for the two victories since. And a hat, for the draw.)

But I got the tough parts of the sweater done – it’s plain sailing from here on in. 228 stitches cast on, the ribbing established, the circle joined without a twist. I’m now about halfway through the ribbing, looking forward to the even plainer sailing of st st.

You will remember that I was worried about whether I had enough yarn. The original order was for seven skeins, and when they got here I decided that they might not suffice. There were no more to be had from the original supplier. I ordered two more from Jimmy Bean (all they had) and three from Happy Knits. The Jimmy Bean skeins arrived while we were in London – tax-free, it does occasionally happen. No news from the others.

The sleeves used less than a skein each. I’ve been coasting on the residue for the ribbing, and will wind the third skein today. I’ll know a good deal more when it’s finished. I am entertaining the hope that the original order may, after all, finish the body. A slight change of shade for the shawl collar wouldn’t matter at all.

Change of subject

I had decided not to go for “My Grandmother’s Knitting” but was persuaded to charge my mind by Jared’s blog the other day. It arrived from Amazon yesterday and I stand by my original opinion. I don’t like any of the patterns, not even Jared’s, and the interviews don’t add much.

I did learn, however, a number of things about EZ’s husband’s family. She herself is surprisingly reticent on the subject. A great-type-grandfather – the text isn’t clear -- was Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann, an artist not without distinction, a generation younger (if I am allowed the phrase) than my husband’s artist, and working along somewhat the same lines. (I’ve been doing some googling.)

All this mystery about names, by the way, is to prevent anyone googling on the artist’s name, or my husband’s, and winding up here. I told Kristie and Kath who it was, and sent them off, I hope, to the National Gallery of Scotland where they will have seen some gems by him. I’ll post a snap of our new picture – it’s bad, remember – when it turns up. I hesitate to post the auctioneer’s image in case it’s copyright’d.


  1. Sorry to hear Scotland lost the rugby match. Hopefully it will cheer you up to know Kath and I both purchased Scotland rugby jerseys before departing Edinburgh. And we did go to the National Gallery and look at your artist. We both loved the exhibits, and were sorry we didn't have more time to spend there.

    I find myself missing Scotland already! Kath is on her flight back to the US and I am waiting to fly to Luxembourg this afternoon.

  2. I think you are right - the joy of victories are much sweeter for being so rare. We were at the match in 2006 when the Scots managed to hold their nerve and their lead in the crucial last 20 mins. Anyway wouldn't it be worse to be an all blacks fan?!

  3. Is it very sad of me to enjoy all this intrigue about your husband's artist?! It makes me smile every time you mention it. My husband would be exactly the same :)