Saturday, October 08, 2011

And another follower! Welcome!

It sounds as if our new picture is safe and well. The shipping company claims to have picked it up from the auctioneer – an important first step. It is currently “downstairs being packed” and will soon be dispatched to us. When that happens, we’ll have a tracking number.

This sounds a bit languid, on reflection. We had hoped to go to Strathardle next week. I’ll phone again on Monday and ask for an ETA, if I don’t hear from them.

Thinking about Yodel: why does so serious a firm as Marks & Spencer use them, as horror stories multiply? The supermarkets are all dead keen to deliver, these days – I don’t understand the logic; surely it’s better business for them to have us turn up and choose the stuff and take it home ourselves? But keen they are, and they can hit a dime, so to speak, when it comes to delivery times, shewing that it can be done.


I’m about 3 ½ inches short of dividing for the deep neckline of the scarlet Brownstone. Another 3 ½ after that will bring us to the great joining-of-the-sleeves.

Thank you for the offer of help on the Madelinetosh front, Mary Lou. I may take you up on it. A shaky-looking package marked “gift” has a better chance of getting past the Customs. I looked up the Yarnery and was surprised, I don’t know why, to find you in Minnesota. I thought you were west coast. They list madelinetosh but don’t seem to have added her to the on-line section (yet) so I couldn’t wallow in the available shades. You are proudly listed among their designers.

I am rather proud of myself for not have ordered any yet. At least, in my new incarnation, I’m not adding to stash. And Amazon now say that “Knit, Swirl” should ship next week – the hope remains that it will furnish something that I can adapt for Koigu. I doubt if I will be able to refrain from knitting the Effortless next, but it’s just as well to hold back on the yarn-buying as long as possible.

Has anybody seen Interweave’s new Knit.wear magazine? It turned up amongst my emails this morning, and looks not un-promising. I can justify the expense to myself with the claim that I had the sense not to buy their holiday-knits this year. Interweave seem to be producing a magazine a week these days.

I spent a happy half hour with the Twist Collective yesterday. The link is to a cardigan I rather fancy – but it’s not asymmetrical, and the gauge is given over rib which can make for difficulties.


I didn’t know until I read the obituaries yesterday that Steve Jobs was adopted. Abortions were not so easy to come by, in the 50’s. How different the world might have been!

Helen is expected this afternoon. My husband and I will use our new don't-have-to-wait-in freedom this morning to go see Anish Kapoor at the College of Art. I think Helen has to leave at dawn tomorrow, in which case I will be here as usual. If I'm not, it will be because she's still around.


  1. GrannyPurple12:29 PM

    I looked at KnitWear in my LYS the other day--beautifully set up, mostly American designers, lots of variations on a theme (4 different sweaters, one basic pattern). It was $17, which I thought was a bit steep, but it IS a goodlooking mag.
    Re Steve Jobs, I wonder if he realised how many knitters use his computers! So many blogs remembering. His putative birth father surfaced recently, claiming to want to meet him. I thought adoptions were fairly secret in the 50's.

  2. I expect that many department stores want to deliver to keep some share of the business that online only shops get. When I lived in NJ I used to by things from department stores in Manhattan where I worked and have them delivered (free) to avoid sales tax. I think those days are gone. The Yarnery doesn't list all on line, but I'll see what is there and let you know.

  3. Maureen in Fargo8:45 PM

    Re adoption, my sister and I were both adopted as infants in the 1950's, we had good friends who were as well. I often think how different things would have been if abortion were legal back then.....

    Re The Yarnery, it's one of the nicest shops in the Twin Cities, a metro area full of many yarn shops that I enjoy visiting any time I get there. It's about 250 miles away so we get there several times a year.

  4. Anna Livia11:45 PM

    Even as I wrote that earlier comment, I was full of faith that my own redelivery from the Royal Mail was still going to happen. In doing so I lost my day off- the RM never showed.

    So they came on Friday and passed the parcel through the cat flap. Exactly as they might have done in the first place.

    As a former M+S employee, I will say that they should know better. They probably do. But they've changed quite a bit in the last year and 'modernized' in a way that I find slightly distasteful.