Monday, October 03, 2011

Knitlass, just for you, here’s a picture of Alexander’s Calcutta Cup ’06 sweater. It’s a bit snug on him these days.

I’ve been sort of thinking about what to knit if we should win in ’12. (The even-numbered years are the only ones in which there’s a whisper of hope – because the match is played in Edinburgh. Scotland haven’t won in London since late in the Pleistocene era.) I think it would have to be matching, or in some other way comparable, sweaters for Alexander and Ketki’s sons. Ketki already has a Calcutta Cup sweater, from ’08.

Children don’t go in for wearing wool much, these days. Could I bear to knit cotton? Don’t think so.

I wonder if there’s a Calcutta Cup group on Ravelry.

Meanwhile, not much. I’m on the last round or so of body ribbing of the scarlet Brownstone. The pattern from here looks straightforward, at least until the sleeves get joined on.

Thank you very much for the advice on photographing red. My camera is pretty basic – I don’t even think I can turn off the flash. I used to use a fancier one, although usually set on Auto. Latterly, it had taken to over-exposing. I used to know a bit about shutter speeds and apertures but before I started fiddling about, Rachel and Helen gave me the simple one for my birthday. It’s clever – you can point it towards a window and it will photograph the room. But it can’t handle red.

Maybe I’d better resurrect the fancy one. How much could be done with one of those programs that lets you edit and adjust pictures?

The new Wool Gathering turned up the other day. The pattern is a neat little mitred vest or jacket, out of the same stable as Round the Bend and none the worse for that. 


  1. You can do quite a bit with altering color using a computer. There are a number of free on-line options. I've used Picnik and Picasa. They are fairly easy to figure out.

  2. Theresa I2:33 PM

    I agree I love Picnik for photo editing. I pay for the Flickr Pro account so i can store everything online.

  3. Lovely! Thanks for this reminder of such a great occasion. We were at the 2006 match with 2 old friends, both supporting England. One of them is now a vicar, but she swore like a navvy after the final whistle!

  4. Anonymous9:20 PM

    How perfectly lovely to see the two photos of you on Kristie's blog! Thanks for sending us there.
    - Beth in Toronto