Friday, October 28, 2011

Everything keeps coming back to the Zimmermanns, doesn’t it?

I moved slowly and inefficiently through my morning’s domesticity yesterday, as usual, still thinking about shawl collars, and eventually remembered that vest in Meg’s book “Handknitting”. I don’t care for the pattern much, but that’s irrelevant – it has a shawl collar.

I had a look, and there it is – it might have been Jared’s inspiration. There are significant differences, of which the most interesting is that Meg doesn’t wrap-and-turn, she just turns. I had wondered a bit about that – does it make a difference that in this case each row is a bit longer than its predecessor? Whereas in the more usual short-row situation each successive short-row is shorter and then in the end you knit across, incorporating all the wraps? You don’t have to wrap when you’re turning a heel but in that case you are also decreasing so maybe that makes a difference.

Anyway, I’ll certainly try not-wrapping when I’m doing Little Thomas’s sweater, and see what happens.

Did you wrap when you were doing Rebekah’s collar, Kristie? Presumably so, since the pattern was Jared’s. I’m not very good at wrapping. Meg’s article in the current VK was useful.

My sister says the madelinetosh Dried Rose for my Effortless has arrived in CT. She will be here in mid-November, insh’Allah. That's any day now, but I should have made a good start on Little Thomas’s sweater by then, so Effortless will be next in the queue. I might even cast off Big Thomas’s Brownstone today – there’s excitement for you.


I’ve joined the “I love my iPad” group on Ravelry, although it could just as well have been the smaller “iWant/iHave an iPad”. I thought I might tell them about Zite and start a discussion going about importing Interweave workshops: but how to find out, in all that stuff, whether the topics have not already been covered exhaustively?

Zite currently has an article about the Brownstone from theraineysisters, increasing the sense of uncanniness. They do get it wrong sometimes, but there is a way to tell them so which theoretically means that the selection will get better and better as we go on. They can also be told when something is spot-on.


I’m feeling better, and was at least inspired yesterday to ring up and make an appt for our flu injections. We were drifting along expecting to be summoned for them, but it turns out the practice has had several clinics already and didn’t bother telling us. There are those who say the whole exercise is useless, just as many old folks die of pneumonia when you don’t inoculate them, but my husband and I firmly believe in flu injections.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I know you're not making socks, but watch these clips re short row shaping increases and decreases - I think you'll find them helpful!

  2. "...but how to find out, in all that stuff, whether the topics have not already been covered exhaustively?"

    Jean, How do you access the groups you read?

    If you go through the forums tab, there is a "search" link top right of each group.

    If you go through the groups tab, there is a search box at the bottom of the page.

  3. rosesmama11:33 AM

    There is a wonderful section on wrap and turn in Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book I. While other parts are confusing, this part has made my shortrowing much neater.

  4. Donice12:05 PM

    I have knit the vest from Meg's "Handknitting", and it works perfectly without the wraps. The shawl collar/button band is my favorite part of that vest, too. Looking forward to seeing your completed Brownstone!

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Speaking from the point of view of someone who has spent quite a lot of the last 3 weeks immunising people with flu vaccine, I'd just like to say that the earlier the better for flu jabs. It gives us a better idea of who to chase, and it does protect, more once you've had them for a few years as the immunity against each virus strain persists. Good for you both, spread the word!!

  6. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Jean, here is a link to a search for "Zite" in all the forums on Ravelry:

    A search for Interweave workshops turned up more references:

    but I'm not sure if any of them are what you are looking for. When I searched for Interweave workshops ipad, nothing came up.

    Copy and paste the links into your address bar to have a look at the posts.

    Beverly in NJ

  7. I had to go check the pattern to see if I wrapped and turned, and the answer is yes. It is funny, but I have no memory of having done so, but if Jared said to I'm sure I must have.

    Also, I noticed that your last two links to my blog go to the blog post I wrote in Scotland about when we met. I am not sure if that is what you intended.

    When I got my iPad I ended up joining both of the iPad Ravelry groups. I am not sure why there are two. There is a lot of the same information on them, but they are different enough that I find it useful to be subscribed to both.

    I was glad to see this morning that you were feeling well enough to blog. :-)

  8. re: flu shots

    When I got mine, I asked about a pneumonia shot as well and was told I had one 2 years ago and that they're good for 10 years! Since these are only given to Seniors, it makes life easier not to have to 'remember' to ask for one at flu shot time.

    Glad you're feeling better and knitting up a storm!


  9. The Other Kristen10:21 PM

    Jean, this comment is NOT meant to dissuade you from getting the flu shot, but to let you know that I had an unusual, although in the end not severe, reaction this year. I don't know if you get the same "flavor" of flu shot in the UK that we get in the States, but this year in the U.S., or at least here in Western NY, the injection is being given intradermally rather than into the muscle. It's supposed to make your arm less sore, but I'm afraid my experience was quite the opposite: felt like a serious bee sting going in, and then I had swelling and soreness through the lymph nodes in that arm, as well as chills, for about 24 hours. About 48 hours after the injection, the injection site starting itching like made. The injection site is still red and a bit tender, ten days later. A physician friend confirms that others are reporting similar reactions. Sigh.

  10. I already had my injection Jean-- the regular intramuscular injection and had no trouble with it-- just a sore arm for a day or two.

    I get my shot every year. When I was in grad school they were always free because the nursing students would practice on us. The one year I didn't get my shot I got the H1N1 strain and thought I was going to die. Seriously. It was my first year in Texas I knew no one and lived alone and could not move off the sofa for days. I only managed because two neighbors, one a nurse and another an Air Force medic kept an eye on me and brought me food....and I coughed for a good month after that... the flu sucks. And college students are a seething pool of germs. Right now it sounds like I am teaching a class full of consumptives because some virus with a nasty cough is going around....

  11. Toronto Public Health has free clinics this month - is there something similar in Edinburgh?
    Public Health sets up in a mall and gives out free flu shots all day.
    I also found it interesting that no ID or provincial health insurance card was required. The idea is to give out as many flu vaccinations as possible, no questions asked.
    I had a regular shot (I just realized that is intramuscular), and while the area was a bit tender at first it was fine by the next day. Much easier for me than bloodwork at the lab.
    Let's all hope none of us succumb to any flus this winter!