Thursday, October 06, 2011

I was sorry to hear of Steve Jobs’ death. It emboldens me to express out loud my suspicion that Mr. Megrahi, although undoubtedly very ill, may be hamming it up a bit. We saw him a month ago, apparently beyond speech and days from death. This week he gave an interview.

Still no package. The carrier is called “Yodel”, unknown to me and perhaps rather new on the scene. I missed the delivery on Monday. I re-booked it for Tuesday and had an email from them confirming the arrangement. No package. I phoned yesterday morning and was told the package was on the van and would definitely arrive that day. No package. I’m about to phone again.

Waves of anxiety from Athens make the waiting worse. Helen set out for London this morning, so from here on out it’s up to me.

Miscellaneous knitting-related

Little to report on the knitting front. I press happily forward with the Brownstone, the stitches now recovered and untwisted and unsplit and, where necessary, chained back up. It took a while. I’ll know what to do the next time I find a knot. The glorious yarn and glorious red are particularly welcome as a relief from package-waiting.

I also, finally, unpinned the Mourning Shawl from the dining room floor and mended the holes clumsily – there were actually some free stitches to be secured, to my horror. It remains but to hand it over to our niece. I think it might be easier to give her a photograph of it being blocked, rather than try to point out the lettering in the actual object.

I used to keep notes of interesting patterns in the magazines that I might want to look at again. There was a jacket called “Round Trip” in Noro Kureyon in the Fall, ’03, issue of Knitter’s which I knit for Cathy. I wonder how closely it resembles the ideas in the elusive “Knit, Swirl”. Conceivably, the same designer. It tends to slip back from the shoulders unless secured.

I need more shelf-space for knitting books. I wonder if I dare reserve the Knitter’s’s with the interesting patterns I have noted, including all four issues for 2000 when Meg walked through the EPS, and throw away the rest. 


  1. Yodel aren't new, they were Home Delivery Network before they change their name in 2010.

  2. I have seen a few vans labelled Yodel lately and had been wondering what they were. The change of name does not appear to have done a lot of good!

  3. Oh no. I hate waiting for parcels! i cunningly ordered something late last week thinking it would probably arrive on Tues/Weds when I am (mostly) at home. But it hasn't. It will probably arrive today and go back to the depot - or perhaps - depending on the postie - to one of our neighbours, or beneath a suitable garden shrub! We have a very pragmatic postie who often signs on our behalt and leaves parcels somewhere safe. I hope you have success today with yours...

  4. ach, the endless waiting for deliveries story:(( I could write a book about weird delivery companies over here... I hope you get yours soon - though I wonder why anybody would want to change their company name to "yodel"? because that's the sound dissatisfied customers make???
    I recently went through many of my collected knitting mags - and decided to throw out ruthlessly. I ripped out the rare designs that I really liked and managed to reduce boxes full of mags to just one measly folder... no regrets:)) though you might be able to offer old knitter's on eb..?

  5. A few years ago I had the unfortunate experience of having going thru 3 different deceased persons stuff. It caused me to be fairly ruthless with my own (for a while) and I did just what you are suggesting. Went thru the knitting magazines (esp. Knitters) saved a few and sold the rest as a package deal on ebay. (The money was secondary, I really just wanted them gone but not in the garbage.)

  6. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I'm working on this one just now, and really enjoying it, planning to lengthen the sleeves. Might be a fun project for some variegated MT, and the pattern booklet is downloadable from Webs.

  7. Anna Livia3:59 PM

    I am one who believes that hyperbole should carry worse penalties than highway robbery...and I willingly state that Yodel is the Devil.

    Even as the Home Delivery Network, they were somehow miraculously unable to deliver on a convenient day, as it seemed that sometimes they worked Saturdays and sometimes they did not. Sometimes they delivered your parcel and sometimes you had to spend your day snaring someone to drive you from Dundee to their depot in the land of a thousand roundabouts somewhere beyond Ladybank.

    As Yodel? They tried to deliver once and left a card saying they would try again. And if you needed to reschedule you could ring the courier! And we rang the courier. No plans to attempt a redelivery, we must go to the depot.

    And so we went to the depot. The item was on the truck, waiting to be redelivered. The truck was not there. We rang the courier and informed us that if we stayed in that evening, he would deliver. Or maybe the next evening. Eventually, the courier started picking up the phone, seeing who it was, and when he was certain it was me asking why he hadn't been by any of the four times arranged,he hung up. Repeatedly.

    Amazon eventually refunded us, as the secondary seller herself told us we needed to go to the depot, where the package had never managed to reappear.

    I wish you better luck.