Friday, November 02, 2012

All well. I gritted my teeth and did an evening of Wingspan – I must be halfway through the penultimate triangle. Three more sessions?

Mary Lou has sent me the pattern for her “Reversible Cables” scarf – No. 31 on her Ravelry page (on which you will find a number of other good things). I am fired with enthusiasm. Would there be time to knit both that and the Brioche Rib by Christmas? Why not? And a big, cosy scarf is easier to find a happy home for than another Wingspan.

And, O! L! that Vatican Pie page!

I have sort of lost touch with Colinette. I was a big fan nearly 20 years ago. Then what happened? The Internet, I guess. I’ll have to do some work on that website. Do they do mail order, or do I have to find a stockist? They seem to list one in Edinburgh called Ragamuffin which I have never heard of and can’t find through Google. Loop stocks her but not in qualities I’d want to use. The range of yarns is so huge – before we start on colours – that mail order from source would seem the only way.

I’ll persevere. The thought of knitting Mary Lou’s scarf in Vatican Pie is enough, of itself, to light up November.

Helen C.K.S. has posted, always a treat, with links to some good sweaters. I am essentially in a sweater mood, greatly looking forward to Ed's Gardening Sweater -- that yarn should turn up any minute now. And Helen may be pointing the way forward from there. I haven’t felt so cheerful in November for years. It won’t last.


James’ son Alistair wrote from Beijing yesterday, of the Microsoft Surface: “It's super simple to use, fast and as you say Microsoft office is implemented into it so it is very easy to use, read and edit files on.” He seems to think the latest Kindle offers almost as much, without colour. I will certainly look into that, although I think we really need that USB port.

How I wish I could see a Surface at John Lewis where they’ve got lots of other things. At a dedicated Microsoft shop – even if there is one in Edinburgh – they obviously won’t have the same motive to compare. 


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Colinette's Jitterbug in color way 'Lobster Pinch" is a yummy variegated deep coral. I've used it for a lovely long rectangular lace shawl as well as for simple ribbed socks. Jitterbug has a really nice elasticity which makes it lots of fun to knit and very easy on your hands.

    We leave tomorrow for a solar eclipse cruise to Australia and New Zealand, and will be gone for a month. I'll miss reading your blog every morning, Jean, but I will look forward to seeing your choices when I get back. Yours is the first blog I catch up with when I return from one of these long trips!

    Barbara M. In NH

  2. Gerri3:44 PM

    Perhaps your LYS will order the quantity you need?

    RE: USB port: my older Kindle connects via USB. Isn't the issue more what you can do with a file once you port it over to the tablet? Not familiar with how the Surface at all.


  3. I somehow missed your entry for the 28th so when I finally found it was surprised to see the shout out for my blog. Thank you ever so much. Had been wondering where all the new readers were coming from.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. That Vatican Pie (and the color names) looks delicious. I wonder if there was a distributor problem/switch with Colinette. I haven't seen any of that yarn around for a while. Perhaps it is time to find some.

  5. Would you have time to pop into John Lewis while in London? My thoughts is that perhaps they have more stock than stores in other cities.

  6. Ragamuffin is on the Royal Mile, down by Cannongate, close to St. Mary's. It's mostly a clothing shop, though, so might be best to call ahead.

  7. Oh--looks like they do have Colinette:

    Andrea, again

  8. Sorry Jean, this is a bit late but I just came back home after a few days without internet connection. I order from Colinette quite often; if they ship to Belgium they must ship to Scotland too.